3 Super Smart Tips to Buy Beauteous Moroccan Rugs

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Beauteous Moroccan Rugs

The North-African country of Morocco is regarded as one of the most desired vacating spot in the world. This splendid African gem exudes the rolling brown deserts, beautiful oasis, bustling metropolitan cities, tranquil turquoise beaches, historic monuments and medieval souks and much more

Undoubtedly Morocco is the magical destination for every sort of travel enthusiast and full of life fellas. This hospitable country has everything for everyone. So if you were thinking about a silent separate familia time, then book Morocco without any second thought. The breath-taking resorts, idyllic beachfronts, oversized swimming pools, palm shaded daybeds, and riad-styled hotels would make your Morocco family holidays an ever-memorable and super serene family fun time.

You can also spend a busier time in days long rambling in Marrakesh souks and Markets to enjoy the true Moroccan colors with your spouse. With this, we also strongly advise you to learn about the Moroccan locals and the traditional country items and goodies they prepare.

There is a plethora of Moroccan souvenir options that you can bring home as a cheery keepsake of, may be one-in a lifetime Moroccan visit. These include hand woven rugs and carpets, Moroccan leather bags, pottery, ceramics and tea sets made of Moroccan products scattered in every other marketplace of the country.

Although, everybody has different likes and dislikes with the different financial capacities. But the neat arrays of scintillating Moroccan carpets would make your eyes go gaga. Here you have a golden chance to beauty your home-sweet-home with the purest fabric, from exactly where they are made. The outclass fabric/ thread quality would never make you even ashamed of spending too much.

Some Enlightening facts about Moroccan Rugs

The Carpets and rugs industries add huge revenue in the country’s income. The neatly stacked up carpet piles that you find in every bustling marketplace are mostly a fruition of one of the forty-five local Berber tribes in the country.

These are weaved by the diligent tribal men and women who work on them from dawn to dusk. It is said that despite of their untiring hard work, these masterly craftsmen and women.

Why shy away from having one if you have enough finance?

Tips to Buy Moroccan Rugs

If you have enough finance then you must acknowledge the purest crafts of these diligent rural workers, by purchasing at least one rug or a carpet.  Here are the following smart tips to buy them

Haggle, Haggle or Bargain

Whichever Moroccan market you are stuffed in,  you have to practice your learnt haggling skills with the cunning shopkeepers. Sensing you as a newbie country visitor they try to snatch away the huge sum from your pocket even for the cheapest commodity.

So if you have mastered in the bargaining skills than you can get a quality rug on 50 % of the original price.

Make a Thorough Research

Although the Rugs and carpers are the appealing Moroccan souvenirs, but not every market exhibits the purest quality rug as you want for your homes.  If a shop owner tries to assure you about the rug quality, don’t trust him at once. It is because their so called antique rugs are not less than the times 1920s and 30s. It means that the rugs are not that much antique as the shopkeepers claim.

So make very sure to make a thorough research and careful browsing to reach the right place for the right thing. While buying the carpet/rug, be mindful that the rugs are not for the “decorative purpose” alone, you also use them to sit with your loved ones.

Fire Test

One of the smartest ways to check the carpet authenticity is the Fire Test and not listening to the continuous chants of shopkeepers.  To do this, hold up an edge of the carpet and light up with your lighter. If it doesn’t light up, it means it is authentic.

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