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5 Tips To Renovate Your Bathroom With Special Paint

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Renovate Your Bathroom

We will share 5 tips of how to renovate your bathroom with good quality paint.

Want something new in your bathroom? Offer him a smart and quick renovation

Old-fashioned, tired, dull … Your bathroom tiles are no longer to your liking, but you don’t have the courage to embark on big jobs and endless work. Good news: you can offer it a renovation in a few brushstrokes, and for a very reasonable budget. With good quality paint, you no longer have to break everything to revamp your bathroom. So get your paint cans!

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Renovate Your Bathroom

5 tips to renovate your bathroom with special good quality paint

Tip # 1: choose the right products

Rest assured: today, there are so many different paintings that it is quite possible to cover all types of bathroom tiles … even the slightly old-fashioned good quality , very dark and saturated with patterns! Indeed, thanks to the opaque paints , even the darkest tiles can offer a new look.

The most important thing is the choice of products. Indeed, you can imagine that we do not buy any paint to repaint the tiles in the bathroom , which is a separate room in the sense that it undergoes water spray, condensation, humidity, more or less cleaning products …

For the renovation of an old tile , it is better to avoid the first price and choose a special paint! Otherwise, the color may quickly flake off. So opt for a special tile paint or a paint for good quality, capable of covering the darkest surfaces, rather than a paint “all surfaces” or “all supports”, less suitable. Also note that a satin or gloss finish will look much better than a mat finish, very different from the “natural” look of a tile.

Tip # 2: prepare the surface to be painted

Keep this in mind: the first thing to do to renovate an old bathroom tile is not to apply a paint to good quality… but to start by cleaning the surface to be repainted! To do this :

Start by removing its varnish with manual sanding, or using an electric sander. This will prevent your paint from slipping on the tiles …

If your tile joints are silicone, remove them, because the color will not fix on them. For this, cut them with a cutter and scrape them so that they come off. You will remake them once the paintings are finished.

To clean a floor or wall tile, you don’t necessarily need household products. As in many other situations, white vinegar, economical and ecological, is your ally. Mix one volume of vinegar with two volumes of hot water in a sprayer, sprinkle your walls and rub the traces with a sponge. If some stains resist, pour a little pure vinegar on the sponge and rub. If you have kept them, do not forget to clean the joints carefully, for a perfect finish.

When cleaning is finished, rinse and allow to dry. In general, your bathroom must be well ventilated so as not to be wet during the work. Otherwise, the good quality paint may not adhere badly …

Tip # 3: always start with an underlay

Even if you can’t wait to cover your old tiles with your special good quality paint, you will have to wait a little longer! Because before painting, you must always start by applying an undercoat, essential to properly “hang” the finish paint. It must be perfectly adapted to the support in order to waterproof it well: look for the mention “tiling” or “good quality” on the pot. If it is well suited, it will normally contain a hardener.

To properly apply the undercoat:

Pour the primer in a container and mix well to obtain a homogeneous result. Start at the “critical points”, such as the ends and the joints, for which you will use a resurfacing brush.
On the rest of the surface, apply the paint with a roller, taking care not to overload it (to avoid sagging). Pass the roller several times in the same places and crossing the movements to properly stretch the paint over the entire surface of the tiling.

Tip # 4: be methodical during the painting stage!

Once the undercoat has dried, it’s time to go to the “painting” stage! The application instructions can vary from one brand and type of good quality paint to another, so follow exactly what is written on the pot. Otherwise, the advice is the same as with the undercoat: start with the joints, the angles, the borders with the brush, and then paint with a roller.

If you paint a tiled floor, be methodical: always start at the bottom of your bathroom, that is to say the place furthest from the door. Wait at least 12 hours before vacuuming the room to remove dust. If your tiles are dark, put on a second coat the next day. In a large bathroom, divide the surface into areas to paint in one piece, to avoid unsightly fittings.

Like the underlay, your first layer should be perfectly stretched and smoothed. Use a medium-sized single-layer roller for this. Throughout your painting work, monitor the room temperature. There should be no more than 20 degrees: turn off the underfloor heating and if necessary the radiators, including during the drying phase! Finally, follow the indications concerning the pause times between the different layers.

Tip # 5: take care of the finishes of your painting on tiles

Once the special good quality paint has been applied and is completely dry, do not forget to remake the silicone joints of all your tiles if you have removed them: essential to avoid leaks! If you have repainted them and the result is not to your liking, you can perfectly recreate a more classic appearance thanks to a special paint pen attached to the tiles. Apply a first coat, following the grid of joints, then allow to dry for an hour before proceeding to the second coat.

Good to know : before using your bathroom again, you must allow 72 hours to pass. So plan a fallback solution to wash, because drying time is essential! After this renovation, avoid household products that are too abrasive, and only rub with the rough side of the sponge if necessary, because all this risks over time attacking your special tile paint.

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