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7 Widgets to transform your website 

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Do you often visit a website and get attracted by great functionalities and an amazingly attractive look of your website? The schedule demo/appointment, social icons, social media wall, the calendar, etc. Some people may think of it as a very difficult task which only a website developer can do. But its as simple as copy-pasting and displaying. You can have massive transformations on your websites using Widgets. So, with the widget tools, available brands can engage more and more visitors, offer analytics, and make their websites more functional and user friendly. 

Question might arise in minds what are widgets?

Widgets are the applications that you can embed on your website. They can be in any form of calendars, clocks, contact forms, video players, etc. Website Widgets help add functionalities to your website eliminating programmers’ work. 

Here are some amazing widgets that can help you transform your website.

Let’s dig in :

Email Marketing Widget 

Over the years email marketing tool has proved to be a very effective way to communicate with the target audience and increase sales and conversions. So, taking advantage of email marketing tools like MailChimp or INinbox is a great idea as both these widgets offer features like contact management, automation, analytics, templates, etc. 

Social Feed Widget

Embedding social media content on your website is a great way to humanize your brand and make your website engaging. Social media aggregators like Taggbox help you in collecting posts from different social media platform in a single customizable feed and embed on website. 

The widget offers you amazing features like personalizing your social wall according to occasion, season, websites, filtering the unwanted posts, tracking the performance of the widget, creating custom posts, UGC rights management, and many more. Taggbox also offers a free trial account so you can test out the widget features before actually purchasing. 

Search and Analytics Widget 

To increase the engagement with your audience web widgets are a great way, they offer easy ways to share content as well as helps in tracking visitors on the website.

With widgets eClincher, you can easily track real-time traffic on your website, analyze the social impact, and mange social within the same dashboard. Widgets can provide your audience with an awesome experience and can prove to be your best friend. Start using widgets search and analytics widgets and see how it boosts your efficiency and also helps you reach your target audience.

Calendars and Booking widgets

The classic way to share calendar on to your websites is google calendars. Although, if you want to add more to it like booking appointments or showing availability you can have some really good widgets to do that. BookingBug is a good option for industry-specific needs like events, health, and beauty, sports, etc. A powerful plug-in that you can integrate into your website in order to enjoy booking features related to particular industry needs. 

Another simple and easy to use powerful scheduling tool is Calendly. The tool saves your time helps you in accelerating sales and improving the service quality. Visitors on your website can conveniently book an appointment according to their preferred time. It is a beautifully designed calendar which also comes with a free trial version. 

Plug-in Editor Widget is one of the coolest websites with a bunch of widgets and plugins for various website builders. You can choose the website builder and select the type of widget you are looking for, gives you the option of directing editing and adjusting on the website. integrates seamlessly with the website builder, it provides an editor plugin on top of the site editor. 

Social Media Button Widget

Having all the social icons on your website is a great way to increase your social media presence and increase followers on social media. AddThis is a great option to have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social media platform icons on your website simply by copy-pasting feature. You can have social icons on the sidebars of every page on your site. 

Customer Service widget 

Adding customers or sales channels to your website is important as it improves customer experience with your brand. When there are customer agents available to answer questions customers’ satisfaction level of customers increases. Widgets like SnapEngage, Userlike, and Olark can be a great option especially for small businesses for whom hiring call center representatives is expensive. Providing support with live chat is the perfect way to be there for your customers all the time. 


Here were the 7 ways by which you can transform your website using some of these amazing widgets. So, explore these widgets now and find perfect ones for you and enjoy the perks all by yourself. They can really help you in establishing a social presence for your brand as well as make your lives easier. Widgets play an important role in building a bridge between the brand and the consumers.

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