A Brief History Of Judo

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Like many types of martial arts, Judo is also a renowned type of martial arts. It is quite popular globally and the evidence of its popularity is its inclusion in Olympic sports. As compared to other martial art types, Judo is relatively new to the scene. The term Judo is a composition of two Japanese words ‘Ju’ and ‘Do’. Ju means gentle while do means way or path. By joining these two words together we get Judo or “the gentle way’. Anyone who practices judo is called ‘Judoka’. As it is a popular martial art, therefore,  it is also considered as a combat sport. People around the world learn and practice judo, competitions at school levels are also held to encourage talented Judo players. It is also quite popular in Australia and people learn Judo Melbourne to Sydney from multiple martial art academies and certified trainers. Here are some more details about this popular martial art:

Historical Background:

This popular martial art named Judo finds its root from Japanese jujutsu, another type of martial arts. Jujutsu was learned, practiced, and modified by Samurais. This martial art involved a variety of throws and joint locks that were common in the jujutsu to enable ones who practiced jujutsu to defend themselves against attackers who came equipped with armor and weapons. In old times, jujutsu was quite popular amongst the Japanese and it is believed that there were more than 700 different jujutsu styles that were taught and practiced during the early 1800s. 

However, in the 1850s, the Japanese got introduced to firearms and a number of costumes because of foreigners which changed the nation forever. This change was the reason behind the Meiji restoration in the late 19th-century. This restoration led to the loss of samurai class and a lot of Japanese traditional values that were considered as an important part of the Japanese culture. Jujutsu also vanished because of the rise of capitalism and industrialization. The rise of firearms and guns also added to the decline of Jujutsu and other martial arts. Many jujutsu schools disappeared, however, all these events were the root reasons for the introduction of judo to the world.

Introduction to Inventor:

The inventor of judo was Jigori Kano who was born in the year 1860 in Mikage, Japan. Kano was weak and often ailed in his childhood. Therefore, he was admitted to the Tenjin Shinyo Ryu school of Jujutsu, where he learned this martial art at the age of 18. Kano eventually got transferred to the Kito Ryu school for jujutsu, where he learned jujutsu under Tsunetoshi Likubo. Kano made his own opinions regarding martial arts while studying there. He eventually developed his own martial art that involved the use of the opponent’s energy against the opponent and the elimination of some dangerous techniques that were a part of jujutsu. His martial art style was known as Kodokan Judo when he was age 22. He actually changed martial arts by introducing Judo to the world that was more about teamwork and played as a friendly sport. Judo gained immense popularity immediately because of the situations at that time. He created his own school to teach judo which was named Kodokan.

Key Characteristics of Judo:

As discussed earlier, one of the main characteristics of judo is using the energy of opponents against them. Judo is basically more about defense and stresses on throwing as it is characterized as a throwing style of martial arts. The player who is practicing judo mostly emphasizes throwing the opponent down on the floor by using the opponent’s energy against him. After throwing the opponent down, the judo player can either focus on submission hold or gain a superior position on the ground. Judo has not many substyles like other forms of martial arts, however, some main judo sub-styles are Judo-do which finds its roots from Austria and Kosen Judo which is quite similar to Kodokan but includes more grappling techniques.

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