ADU Appliances for Living Rooms

 ADU Appliances for Living Rooms

Everyone wants a comfy and cozy living room with a place to sit and some sort of entertainment. Designing a cozy living room in an ADU can be difficult though with the limited space available. That is why we have put together a few ADU appliances that will work great in your tiny home!

Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Couches take up a lot of space in your very small living room. However, there is a way to utilize your couch with a sectional sleeper sofa.

One of the biggest ADU mistakes is not planning for enough storage. However, there are tons of appliances that incorporate much-needed storage into them.

This kind of couch offers much-needed storage under one section and the ability to fold it out into a bed! By doing so, it can turn your compact living room into a guest bedroom by night whenever you need to!

Full Motion TV Mount

When trying to utilize the wall space in your living room, it can be difficult to find a place to mount your tv so that it can be seen from all angles of the room. This is especially true when your living room space is not a typical square design.

To solve this problem, you can use a full motion tv mount that swivels to ensure that no matter where in the room you sit, you can see the tv perfectly. It can also allow you to swivel the tv to face another room, like your bedroom or kitchen, so that you can watch it from anywhere in your home.

TV Cabinets

If you don’t want to mount your TV, you should have it set on a TV cabinet. Preferably one with adjustable shelving to best fit all of your needs and doors that close to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Storage Ottomon

One couch may not be enough seating for your guests. A great way to add extra seating while not losing valuable storage space is with a storage ottomon. With this unique unit, you can offer both extra seating and a place to store extra belongings. It is a win-win!

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