Advantages of Using a Balance Board with a Standing Desk

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Are you using a standing desk? Most probably you are using it the wrong way.

It is vital to keep your body active, and when you are at work, your body hardly gets a chance to move whether you are sitting or standing. Many people in the office are using a standing desk when they feel tired after sitting for long periods. But do you know that you need to move your body even with the standing desk? And you can do it with a balance board that you can buy at a reasonable price from Target by using Target Coupon Code.

There are many perks of using a balance board with a standing desk apart from keeping you active all day. Here I am sharing a few of many benefits so you will learn something new today and make the most out of your new balance board.

Read on and do a favor to your body, and it will be glad that you read it.

Promote micro-movements to maintain the balance

When you are using your standing desk, you may experience awkward fidgeting. You will start shifting your weight around, swaying back and forth, or picking up your feet. The balance board helps you get rid of these movements by maintaining your balance on the board with micro-movements. They are low-intensity movements that promote stability with many health benefits.

You start using your muscles 

Pairing a balance board with a standing desk allows you to stabilize your muscles by keeping your legs and torso in movement, which you wouldn’t be doing while standing still. It is called the stabilization exercises, which train your core and your lumbopelvic region in working to keep you upright. It has many health benefits, and it allows your body to carry its weight when you start moving around again. 

Improve blood circulation and heart health

The exercises you do with a balance board will increase your blood circulation. It is a kind of low-impact exercise that keeps your heart healthy. These smooth little movements won’t get your body tired but keep you active all day, and you will concentrate on your work better. So, if you want (of course you do) to maintain a healthy heart, then use a balance board along with your standing desk to lead a healthy and wealthy life.  

Keep you energetic and more productive at work 

A balance board also helps you be more focused and productive at work. The energy that keeps you balanced on the board not only makes you feel better, but it also improves your productivity by keeping you energized. When your mind feels fresh, you will do your tasks better every day.

The final note

A balance board is not only a source of promoting good health, but it is also useful for bringing some fun to your work. Sometimes, it will be a skateboard without wheels, or sometimes it would be your see-saw that reminds you of your childhood days. It’s fun to be on the board with health benefits as a bonus.

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