Common Intercom Issues To Look Out For

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Security is one of the main concerns for any business or homeowner. They will often try to leave no stone unturned in order to ensure the security of their commercial or residential premises. There are many critical elements included in creating a good security system. However, video and audio intercom systems hold a pivotal role in this process. As a key element in security systems, they play an important role in keeping any place secure from trespassers and burglars and restrict the entry of unauthorised persons with their two-way audio and video verification process. 

The security of any property could suffer from higher risk whenever there is a problem with the intercom system of that property. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye out for regular maintenance and inspect for common issues that may arise across various intercom systems installed in your commercial or residential premises through trained and qualified technicians and professionals. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the most common things you should look out for in order to keep your intercoms systems in perfect condition and your premises safe:

Power Supply Failures:

We all know intercom systems need electric power to work perfectly. Sometimes there are some problems in the intercom systems that are apparently very small but indicate a larger problem. Some small issues like voice distortion can be due to power supply failure. These issues often occur when electric supply is disturbed or unavailable because of a variety of issues. As the intercom system runs on the power supply, the system will become dysfunctional when the power supply stops working.

Most intercom systems have features that indicate problems in power supply before becoming totally dysfunctional to notify owners and operators. There will be issues like increased background noise before the power supply actually gets cut off. The best way to avoid any such situation is keeping technicians at disposal who can immediately inspect the whole power supply system and implement rectification if possible in a quick time. 

Static Issue:

The problem of static with intercoms is one of the main issues that limit the working of intercom systems. This issue is not very uncommon and you can see the static problem in a number of intercom systems from the speaker or microphone side. There can be a number of issues behind the occurrence of static and there can be a variety of problems in audio equipment of intercom systems that can be the root cause of static. Regular wear that occurs due to a bad connection is also responsible for static. There are times when the intercom system fails to create any sound, however, the static problem can be identified before it totally stops creating sound. 

Any damage can also result in static. A loose wire or a bad switch can also lead to static in the intercom system. Interference can also cause static. If you figure out any static problem then you need to contact professionals immediately in order to get it repaired because the occurrence of static in an intercom system can be an indicator towards a larger problem.

Humming Noise:

The presence of a humming noise in intercom systems is another main issue. This noise is usually heard when you try to use the system. The presence of a humming noise indicates a large scale issue in the intercom system that can be worse. Therefore, the system should be inspected immediately and the problem should be addressed in a quick time to resume functionality of the intercom system. It usually happens when there is a faulty wire or connection and it is a must to repair it in order to avoid things from getting worse.

A humming sound can surely be annoying, however, a number of people will simply overlook it but it needs to be addressed quickly as it can be a sign of something much worse with the intercom system. If you ignore this small issue and don’t call professionals then there are chances that you may end up with a permanently dysfunctional intercom system.

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