Every Mother Should Know These 5 Major Myths About Her Baby Skin

Baby Skin

Having or expecting a new baby is just like a new task or job is about to be ready. Although it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world it’s, for many of us, the confusing time as well. Our friends, nearest and dearest give so much advice on how to take good care of a babys skin for the first couple of months.

We have gone through a handsome range of myths and practices that parents do thoughtlessly and hence, it leads to damage. Therefore, is very much important to look for the fact especially when it comes to taking care of a new-born baby.

Here on this single page, we have listed down quite a few myths related to baby skincare every mother should know, so she can take good care of her new-born baby.

Babies Need More Water

Although a dad only baths his newly-born baby in the water when he’s assigned to do that job by using bath kneeler and elbow rest but let us tell you that your baby needs more than this. Based on reports shared by AWHONN, water can help to remove only 60-70% dirt from the body. Therefore, it’s a smart move to use more water with a recommended baby soap or mild skin cleansers as they are hygiene and can decrease urine components from the skin with ease.

According to the doctors, parents should use mild products alongside more water that contain neutral pH levels as they don’t lead to irritation and decrease the possibilities for skin damage.

Proper Skin Massage is Must

A proper oil massage is very much helpful to relax your muscles and make you feel calm. The same applies to the babies and it’s quite mandatory for their overall skin improvement. Based on reports shared on different online platforms, the baby’s skin isn’t as much thick as an adult, therefore, it can be damaged by strong ingredients or products. Moreover, the skin of a baby loses moisture faster and greater as compared to an adults’ skin.

So, if it’s the time to massage your baby’s skin properly or effectively, you’ll need to choose an oil, lotion, or any caring cream wisely. It doesn’t only help your baby’s skin to stay moisturized but it makes it extra soft and nourished as well. Any baby lotion or cream relaxes dry skin and helps to keep it hydrated throughout the day.

Everything Should Be Organic for Safest Baby Skin

Natural or organic foods have been considered the safest and smarter choice in recent years. The biological movement, however, has expanded to include not only organic or natural food but also skincare and beauty products. And while we’ve seen a lot of benefits of organic or natural foods, we should not forget that all organic products aren’t made similar – especially for babies.

Moreover, ancient/old natural remedies aren’t completely healthy or safe for the babies’ skin. And several common products like floor or yogurt used for beauty applications can rashes and skin allergies in babies, according to the studies.

Soapy Water is Good for Baby Skin

Having bath time with your baby is not less than fun, right? However, parents need to have proper bathtub accessories for adults alongside babies’ products to make this time memorable. Babies enjoy a lot when having bubble baths as they are very much relaxing and delightful for them. Obviously, soaking your baby in soapy water isn’t enough to have fun until unless you don’t capture photos.

Before soaking your child or baby in the soapy water, there are a couple of things you need to perform such as remove all the dirt from your baby’s hard to clean areas like elbows, knees, toes, ears, belly, and neck.

Body Scrub for Improved baby Skin

Whenever a new baby born, we see a good layer of hair named lanugo which is quite soft and covers most of the parts of the baby’s body such as cheeks, ears, neck, arm, and back. Parents in different parts of the world use home-made scrubs which are made of milk, gram-floor, and turmeric to get rid of lanugo babies to improve their overall skin quality.

The reality, however, is completely the opposite. Such scrubs aren’t ideal for the delicate or sensitive skin of your newly-born baby. It may contribute to discomfort and redness by rubbing down with scrubs. Instead, it’s better to wait for a few days as after birth, the lanugo will fall or drop on its own.

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