Top 5 Hidden Spyware for Android Phones

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Hidden Spyware for Android Phones

Mobile phones have become our daily life need and our smartphone is the first thing in the morning we look for. We are living in the 21st century, and this is only our phones, which connect us with the world and let us learn things online. But we should protect our loved ones from the cyberthreats. If you are worried and want to know whereabouts of your kids, then the spyware will help you to track android phones. The third-party apps also help to provide a secure cyber environment even for the kids, that they can also enjoy internet freedom and cat explore innovations.

Do you want to know which android tracking apps you need to learn about?

Well, let’s go further to find out our compiled list.

Top 5 spyware for android phones:

  1. TheWiSpy
  2. Spyzie
  3. mSpy
  4. MobiStealth
  5. XNSPY


An android monitoring app is designed to cover all modern features. TheWiSpy stands in our first row for its exceptional monitoring services, which ensures to provide customer support 24/7. You can track calls, text messages, photos, videos, location, etc. with only a few clicks. Install this app in the target device, and this app enables you to gather the data stealthily. No rooting is required for WhatsApp monitoring.


Basic Version: $29.99/Month

Pro Version: $39.99/Month

Ultimate Version: $49.99/Month


This is an Android compatible app, which is designed to meet all the monitoring requirements. You can buy this app for both personal and business use. The target device user can’t detect this app because it does not consume much battery and work in the background secretly.

Pro Version: $49.99/Month

Ultimate Version: $59.99/Month


mSpy has returned with its efficient monitoring services, especially for parental use. It is developed to provide you a chance to block unwanted calls and Text messages on the target device. Now, you can access to all third-party messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.


$69.99/Month Subscription


MobiStealth allows the end-user to track android phone secretly and provide an in-depth activity report. The end-user can access the installed apps on the target device and can track location without GPS. It also allows us to restrict the multi actions, set the screen time, track Viber, WhatsApp, Line, etc.


Pro: $59.99/Month

Pro X: $69.99/Month


Track your kid’s location and check their internet usage what they are up to. It offers both offline and online features for amazing surveillance. XNSPY is the best for both parental control and business use and provides an effortless way to access the target device remotely.

Basic Edition: $49.99/Month

Premium Edition: $59.99/Month


In this era, you need to protect your loved ones from cyber dangers, and this is possible only if you get monitoring services. That’s why we have shared a compiled list so that you can get help from a reliable source. But it depends on your requirements which is suitable for you. TheWiSpy is the best solution, which provides incredible features and reasonable rates.

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