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History of Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing development is inseparable from technological progress. One of the entry points in the beginning of has been in 1971, where Mr. Ray Tomlinson transmitted the primary email and the technology set the stand to permit the people to receive and send files through the different machines. But, the more identifiable period considered as the beginning of Digital Marketing was in 1990 as this has been where the search engine of Archie was made as to the index for the FTP sites.

During 1980, the storage scope of the computer has been big enough already to store massive volumes of customer information. The companies started selecting online techniques, like database marketing instead of the limited list broker. The kind of databases permitted the companies to track down the information of the customers more effectively, therefore, transforming the connection between the seller and the buyer. However, the manual procedure was not that efficient.

In 1990, the word Digital Marketing has been initially coined. During the debut of the client/server architecture and the fame of personal computers, Customer Relationship Management or CRM applications became an important significant part of the marketing technology. The fierce competition forced the vendors to include even more services into their software the examples are sales, service applications, and marketing. Marketers were able to own massive online customer information by eCRM software right over the Internet has been born. Companies would update the facts of customer needs, then, take the main of their experience. It will lead to the primary clickable banner ads in 1994 being going live, which has been the “You Will” campaign via AT&T and in the first 4 months of it being life, 44% from the total people that saw it clicked the ads.

In year 2000s, with the increasing Internet users with iPhone birth, the customers started looking for the goods and making choices regarding the needs online first, and not consulting with the salesperson first, which made the latest problem for the marketing department of the company. There are problems that made marketers look for digital means for market development.

Last 2007, the idea of marketing automation has been raised to answer to the problem. The marketing automation helped the company segment customers, launched the multichannel marketing crusade and give personalized data for customers. But, the speed of adaptability to the consumer devices has not been fast enough.

Digital marketing became even sophisticated in the 2000s and 2010 when the production of devices’ able of accessing the digital media directs to sudden growth. The statistics produced in the years 2012 to 2013 showed that digital marketing has been increasing. With the progress of social media such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook in the year 2000, the consumers became highly reliant on digital electronics during their everyday lives. Thus, they anticipated the seamless user encounter across different channels in searching for the product’s information. Customer behavior changes and enhanced the diversification of marketing technology.

The digital marketing is referred also to as ‘online marketing’, ‘web marketing’, and ‘internet marketing’. The word digital marketing has progressed in popularity as time goes by. USA web marketing is still one famous term. In Italy, online marketing referred to as web marketing. Global digital marketing had been the most common word, particularly after the year 2013.

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