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How Ecommerce Brands Use Reviews to Boost SEO

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Those days are gone when keywords stuffing and image alt attributes were sufficient to make you rank for main keywords. As Google is updating constantly, customer reviews have become a necessary part of SEO for organizations. In case you’re not focusing on them, then start now. Reviews are an amazing type of content that has colossal ramifications for SEO and a boost in organic traffic.

How Ecommerce Brands Use Reviews to Boost SEO

Client input means more keywords

Rather than considering reviews as a criticism, consider them to be unique content. Because this is the manner by which Google sees them. Each time a client leaves you a review, Google is furnished with new content to read or you can say crawl. Be it positive or negative, it’s probably going to contain keywords applicable to your business, item, benefits or even area. This assists Google with a more clear image of what your business does and the quality of your services or products. As a result, higher rankings for your target keywords.

Have the edge on your rivals and improve your CTR

While your rivals focus their SEO strategy around site navigation, coding and search terms, tap into reviews and there’s an open door for you to get ahead. Collecting reviews on your site will change your ranking in the SERPs. They’ll show up as Rich Results listings. On the other hand , reviews are equivalent to more brand trust which frequently prompts a higher CTR than your rivals. Hence higher CTR increases search rankings.

Google trust reviews

Positive reviews mean to Google that your services or products are of high quality and are exceptionally valuable to people. It’s no fortuitous event that Google regularly shows businesses with positive reviews first. Focus on extraordinary customer services and satisfaction and gather reviews. As a result you will see yourself showing up at the top of google results.

Reacting to reviews increases engagements

Responding to reviews benefits SEO as follows:

  1. Considerably more keywords for Google to crawl
  2. Consistent response with your clients can flag a new content on daily basis
  3. Improve CTR

Bounce rate

SEO specialists are very familiar with the term bounce rate as high bounce rate is a drawback to a website’s ranking. Reviews increases both buyer information and brand trust and in this manner individuals are probably going to invest more time perusing your site and be persuaded enough to buy your product or services. Hence , lower bounce rate that increases ranking in the google results.


Search engine optimization is continueously evolving and you just can’t stand to have a fixed strategy to deliver output . Reviews are surely one of the best techniques right now that can give you a slight edge over your rivals. If you don’t have complete knowledge about seo then you can hire an agency. You can search for the best Seo agency London or for any other city on the web and contact them to get started


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