How Much Does a Wedding in Dubai Cost?

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Weddings in Dubai are extravagant affairs – ranging anywhere from 27,000 to 270,000 dollars. Note that one dollar is equivalent to 3.67 UAE Dirham, according to the latest exchange rate. An average wedding’s cost will be at least 100,000 dollars. It is always better to assume the expenditure to be around 400 to 500 USD per head.

The overall expenditure undoubtedly depends on several other parameters – like the venue, number of guests as well as the selection of services and cuisine. Following information is shared by Emily, a Dubai based blogger who blogs on weddings and events related topics for Fergus James. Let’s discuss some parameters that may affect your wedding cost.


Dubai tends to become scorching hot during the summer months, making travel rather inconvenient. Thus, during these months, the wedding venue, services, and overall pricing are generally lower than what is seen during the wedding season. The on-season is from January to May, then again from October till the end of the year. Booking venues during these months is harder as well as more expensive.


Fortunately, Dubai has a plethora of venues – from exotic deserts to lavish hotels. You can use the local landscape in your favor, during the better seasons for a picturesque wedding view. Hotels have variable star ratings – you can pick a place that suits your budget. Although palatial, five-star-rated hotels come with a hefty price.

Choosing a venue can significantly cut down your overall cost. That being said, you can pick places that do not coerce you into paying a fixed amount or require a fixed number of guests for allowing you to arrange a wedding at their plot. Most venues offer a wedding cake as well as buffet dinners for your guests; the latter helps save more money.

Guest List

Quite understandably a longer guest list will account for more expenditure. Recent pricing averages to 100 USD per head. This price is variable at different venues – especially smaller places that may not be able to accommodate more guests and may demand extra cash for extended arrangements.

Photography, Hair, and Makeup

Complete event photography, without video-graphy costs around 3,000 dollars. Prices may peak depending on the photographer’s experience, timings, and on your specific demands.

Hair and Makeup pricing start from 800 USD. There are several freelance makeup artists in Dubai; you may link up with them to save this cost as well.


The most basic decorations involving drapes, flowers, and mood lighting begin from a rate of 2,000 dollars. This price is quoted without the help of any wedding planner. Fortunately, most wedding venues already provide you will basic, yet appealing tableware and opulent ambiance. Thematic and color-coordinated weddings may require a larger budget as well as external service providers.

Costly Items

Open Bar – one of the things you must be mindful of when planning a destination wedding in Dubai is that alcohol is very expensive there. This is due to higher taxes on alcohol in Dubai – we are talking about ridiculous pricing of eleven dollars for a glass of cheap wine to 14 dollars for a basic cocktail. Add up the cost of unlimited access to an open bar on your wedding day and your money will certainly be drained on alcohol. Having limited servings or fixed hours of open bar is more feasible.

Dubai entertainers as well as live musicians tend to demand a fortune to perform at your wedding. Thus, be wary of them unless that’s what you desire – then rock on!

Cost-effective Strategies

Hiring a local wedding planner will save up more money than searching for amateurs or interns for decoration, DJ’ing, and other services. They will help you bag better discounts as well as save you from the disappointment of hiring an inexperienced person.

Avail honeymoon packages – this is one of the ideal ways to save more cash on your destination wedding. Look for venues that give complimentary deals on arranging weddings at their place. You will also end up saving a lot on travel and accommodation if you choose to get married off at a hotel where you’re staying.

Pick weekdays since they do not have the same flux of bookings as weekends. Moreover, be mindful of Islamic holidays and traditions before planning and confirming an event – you may not be able to avail the same services while these are ongoing.

Dubai weddings can be lavish, yet memorable affairs. Despite the money spent, they are certainly an experience worth investing in!

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