How Technology is Changing the Future of Logistics

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Technology has changed everything

From the way we talk to our friends and family to the way, we do business. From the way we buy groceries in the way, we get around the city. Compared to the last 10 years, the innovations in technology have made a lot of things possible that we, ourselves, would’ve found ridiculous and impossible a while ago.

Technology keeps on giving and we know it’s not going to stop anytime soon. The whole world is evolving rapidly thanks to technology and we know logistics isn’t left behind.

Logistics in simple words can be explained as the organization that transports shipments from one place to another. That is such a simple thing that a lot of people think can’t get better and if you’re one of them. It’s time for you to learn about the wonderful world of logistics and how technology is affecting it.

Logistics take care of everything from picking up your cargo/shipment from anywhere to dropping it at the destination. Doesn’t matter whether you’re sending something or you’re receiving something. For example, you can reach out to air freight companies if you want to send or receive something to/from (or even within) Pakistan.

So without any further ado, let’s see how technology is shaping and changing the future of logistics:

Easy Accessibility and Improved Marketing

If we go back a while ago, one of the hardest parts that logistics companies faced was marketing themselves which made it hard for them to reach out to potential customers.

It’s not a problem any more thanks to social media platforms and digital marketing. It’s easier than ever before for the logistics to reach out to the most interested potential customers. It has also been beneficial for the customers as well. Whether it’s a person or a business, everyone can find the best logistics services according to their demands easily.

Social media platforms have enabled customers to discover and get connected whenever they want. The whole concept of “availability hours” has been eliminated because anyone can reach out to anyone through social media. Instantly drop a message or even get their number and reach out to them instantly.

Self-Driving Trucks

Self-driving trucks may appear something out of a science fiction film.

Uber, Apple, Tesla, and a few different organizations are working on self-driving technology for cars and trucks. Their experiments and prototypes have done well overall so far.

We can see logistics organizations utilizing the self-driving trucks to move shipments from warehouses to vessels or freight offices. Smart driving technology can spare a great deal of time and cash as you don’t need to really pay the artificial intelligence driving your trucks. (But maybe you can treat them with a good ram upgrade if you want to)

Use of Drones in the Logistics Industry

Drones are getting a lot of attention in the logistics business. Drones are saving a significant number of assets and preventing a lot of on-site mishaps. For instance, drones can lift little cargos and shipments on to the vessels and spare a great deal of fuel consumed by cranes.

In a not all that far off future, we can see drones getting more powerful and lifting gigantic containers and possibly covering significant distances too.

Improved GPS Technology

GPS probably won’t seem to be a serious deal to many people around. However, it’s something that we utilize on a daily basis.

Confused how GPS is used every day?

For example, you use it on your smartphone to navigate and keep track of your location and routes.

Logistic organizations use GPS technology to monitor their shipments and update the clients about their status too. It assists with the security of the vessels as well. From logistic organizations in Pakistan to the USA each and every logistic cargo organization utilizes GPS following to let their customers know about the status of their shipments.

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Final Words

Technology is having a gigantic influence in upsetting the logistics business.

From the second your shipment leaves your doorstep, to the moment it reaches the destination or the other way around. Each and every progression is made possible with the assistance of technology. We can’t really imagine how life would be like without the technology let alone the logistics. Although, through hard work, logistics would still be up and running but the challenges will be great.

So what do you think?

Are self-driving trucks going to replace drivers?

Would there be ghost ships with no crew but AI and robots only?

Everything appears to be unbelievable but we know technological advancements can make everything possible.

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Muhammad Ahmed is BS in Commerce from the University Of Karachi – Pakistan. Ahmed loves to read and 
write informative blogs and articles and is also a Marketing specialist at CFIPak.
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