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How to fix a leaking roof from the inside the house

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Sometimes we only realize that our roof is broken when it’s raining outside or if something else starts to come from those cracks, especially when there is a huge storm or rainstorm (and if you have a wooden roof that a small crack can turn into your nightmare and a small crack can lead your whole roof’s wood to get filled with water and cracking from different areas, so you should act some and smart or the situation will get out of your hand) ; you want a strong and damage free roof so that you stay protected inside your house. However, you are not always able to find a roof repairer because of this reason visit to know how to repair the small cracks and leaks in the roof and this guide will help you in learning how.

Steps for fixing the leaking roof from inside the house:  

There are many ways to repair a roof from inside but the best and easiest way to do so is mentioned below to save you from a lot of hard work and also save your time.

Three simple steps to temporarily seal the crack in the roof:

Visit your attic or the top room of the house that is directly under the roof:

1st things 1st; visit or get access to your attic and look for any area with broken roof or find the area which is a bit moist or wet because even if you are unable to see the crack a moist area or water seeped through the roof is the sign of broken roof. Try to follow the water and you will find the crack. Soak the water and make the area dry.

Temporarily seal that crack for the time being:

as soon as you have found the crack in your ceiling or roof you need to temporarily seal it. By temporarily sealing it you can later work easily on it and also it will stop the water from pouring in. you can use tar or plywood to seal the roof for the time being. Use a knife to spread the tar on the crack or you could put plywood/ shingle on it. Or maybe you can use both for a bit more long-lasting effect.

Measure the area and crack: 

after sealing it you can measure where and how long is your crack so that you can seal it permanently once it stops raining or once you get enough time to complete it. However, it is always better to call for professional help but if you are keen on doing it yourself then ask a professional repairer to guide you on how to do it.

Apart from these steps, you can also cover your roof with sheets of plastic if you can not find the crack and you are in a hurry. Covering a general length roof can take up to four -foot rolls of plastic or leaks in the roof polythene. You can either visit the store to get the plastic or you can also call the store to deliver it but the best option is to buy it and keep it in your home in case of an emergency. If your sheet is too big to cut it with scissors or knife and then nail it down or use the staple gun to staple it so that it won’t fly away. Make sure you use rubber sole shoes to work and walk on plastic or else you can fall down, leaks in the roof also it is preferable that you ask someone from your house of neighbors to help you.

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