How To Maintain Your Farm In Good Condition

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How To Maintain Your Farm In Good Condition

3 Mins read
A farm can be quite a good investment if maintained in excellent conditions. Whether it is nothing but a backyard garden or a large scale farm, you will want to see a return on investment. Proper maintenance does not only guarantee you rewarding yields, but also saves you time, gives you a peace of mind and ensures that the farm can still produce in subsequent seasons. Here are tips on how to maintain your farm in good conditions;
  1. Put the farm to proper use

This is the first step to caring for your farm. Utilizing the farm for its intended purposes ensures that it stays in good condition and yields good produce. Plant the right plants for the different seasons, and rear the right livestock in the farm. Instead of trying to force the farm to suit into your dreams, try to work with the nature around the farm. It is also important to only use the right machinery when tilling the land. Always make purchases from the best rotary tiller manufacturer and supplier in your locality. Regularly take a look at the original plan of the farm and take stock of your resources to stay on track. This will also help you transition when you want to venture into new farm practices.
  1. Plant cover crops for green manure

Cover crops will keep unused farmlands healthy until they are ready for use. They are quite useful if you want to control pests and diseases, build soil fertility and suppress weeds. You should ideally plant the cover crops for the fall season at least four weeks before the onset of the first frost. Only the winter rye should be planted right up to a frost. Mow the crops before they seed and then use a tiller to turn the stems and leaves after they have dried for a day or two. You should wait for up to three weeks for the manure to get into the soil before planting in the farm.
  1. Maintain a proper fence

A good fence not only keeps your livestock from straying out into the neighborhood but also prevents unauthorized access into the farm. While electric fences seem to be preferred by many farmers, they are not recommended as any exposed wires can endanger your livestock and other people around the farm. The following tips can help ensure that you always have an intact functional fence in place;
  • Regularly take a walk along the borders of the farm and inspect the fence for any damages that need repairs or replacements.
  • Ensure that the gates can latch properly and loose or rotten fencing posts are attended to.
  • If you have installed an electric fence, use a voltmeter to see if there are any voltage drops at any point.
  • Regularly check the insulators and replace whenever necessary.
  • Ensure that the ground rods are in good contact.
  • Adjust the tensions whenever there is a need to.
  1. Observe proper maintenance of the farm buildings

Ensure that the animal shelters and other farm buildings undergo repairs whenever necessary and are always in excellent condition. Carry out periodic inspections on the buildings. You can handle the simple repairs here and there, but make sure that the more complex repairs are done by an expert to avoid making the situation worse. Maintain an inventory of the places that need fixing and schedule for the repairs to be done.
  1. Be realistic about your capacity

As an individual, you can do so much on the farm before needing a helping hand. Depending on the size of the farm, schedule your daily maintenance tasks and get help from the family or hire someone when need be. Trying to do all the work by yourself will make you tired and then the farm will deteriorate. Every agriculture rotavator manufacturer recommends hiring an experienced hand to operate the machinery. Some of the tasks that may need to be outsourced, especially for a large farm, are;
  • Watering the plants and application of pesticides.
  • Cleaning the feeding troughs for the livestock.
  • Administering drugs to the livestock.
  1. Ensure proper waste management

This is one of the most ignored areas when it comes to farm management. Putting in place proper waste management will save you from an unpleasant smell around the farm. This is not only good for you but also the health of your livestock. Waste from the livestock can always be used as manure on the crops, but ensure they are well managed before being applied to the crops.
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