How to Reduce Stress: 7 Relaxation Techniques To Reduce your Stress

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Relaxation Techniques

Stress and anxiety are two of the most common problem faced by people in today’s world. You can find it in just about everyone these days from high school students to the CEO’s of Multinational Corporation. The increasing rate of stress in people is because of increasing competition.

Although a competitive environment can be beneficial for personal growth, it needs to be kept in check to prevent employees or students from losing their minds. In today’s digital world an increasing number of job entrants in the market, it is hard to keep a cool mind.

However, stressing over things that are not in our control can be harmful. Stress can be the cause of many diseases as it breaks down our immune system. This can cause headaches, low energy, and nausea. Sometimes stress can be fatal and cause a heart attack.

Don’t worry though the chances of stress being fatal are very low and with this guide, you can easily fix your routine and manage stress to stay happy and healthy.

1.  Exercise

Exercise is the number one combatant against stress. A few stretches of the muscle can open up congested nerves and allow a free flow of blood in the body. Despite having many health benefits, exercise can also help alleviate your mind. Working out helps release endorphins that reduce pain in muscles. Exercising is also responsible for releasing happy drugs in our brain that alleviate our moods such as dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. Lifting and grinding also kills stress-related drug such as cortisol and refreshes the brain.

Other exercise-related impacts on the brain that can reduce stress are more on the psychological side than physical. For instance, setting up workout goals can help boost your confidence once you achieve them, focusing on muscle movement while working out can keep your mind away from stress creating thoughts, and so on.

2.  Food Therapy

Eating helps reduce stress. We have seen it in the movies and we have all seen its effects when we go on a binge eating diet after a breakup. Here are some rather healthy alternatives that can lift your mood and make you happy go lucky again.

  • Green Tea: Blessed with many health benefits green tea can also have a positive impact on your brain. With the help of a drug called theanine green tea can bring out the best in many people.
  • Brazilian Nuts: These nuts are high in selenium which helps reduce inflammation and stress in the body.
  • Dark Chocolate: Experts believe that dark chocolate is capable of reducing stress in female students. Chocolate has high levels of tryptophan which helps in creating mood-enhancing drugs such as serotonin.
  • Pumpkin Seeds: Contains potassium and other healthy minerals that help maintain blood pressure and may be effective in reducing stress.

3.  Smell good, feel better

Our sense of smell is also responsible for controlling how we feel. Do you remember stepping in a place that has a great aroma and suddenly felt different? This tingly feeling is because of all the chemical reactions taking place in your brain.

You can always reduce your loved one’s stress by lighting a candle or spraying the room with their favorite air freshener. Be careful though too much smell can lead to negative mood.

4.  Try Chewing Bubble Gum

Chewing bubble gum has a lot of benefits. Many YouTubers have posted videos showing that chewing bubble gum actually helps create a jawline. It’s like a work out for your mouth. Despite this, bubble gum also helps in reducing anxiety. The continuous movement of the jawline stimulates relaxing drugs into the brain that keep your anxieties under control.

However, the high sugar content in gums can lead to cavity and other problems so don’t do it often, and if you do try using sugar-free bubble gum.

5.  Laughter Therapy

Laughter is the best medicine for any disease. A big fat smile on the face has more benefits than making you look charming. It can help boost the immune system as well as be an exercise for your facial muscles. Despite this laughter is contagious so in order to make someone laugh, just start laughing yourself. A study among people with cancer revealed that people who were in a laughter group were less stressed as compared to their counterparts.

6.  Let Experts Handle Your Work

You can be the jack of everything but master of none. One of the major reasons for stress among students and employees is that they take up tasks they are not well equipped to do. This results in panic when the deadline closes in and causes anxiety. For students, there are many cheap essay writing service UK and cheap assignment writing service UK that can help you take care of your assignments and essay so you can relax.

7.  ASMR Sounds

ASMR stands for Autonomous sensory meridian response. These are specific sounds that can help its listener calm down and enter into relaxation mood. ASMR is a tingling sensation that moves from head to the spine when listening to certain sounds.

These sounds can be as simple as flipping pages, sounds of typing on a keyboard, or even whispering. ASMR also helps sleep-deprived patients find comforts in their beds. Some researchers suggest that ASMR reduces the heart rate and increases the overall well-being of the body. But these researches are only observations and cannot be concluded as concrete. However, listening to someone flip pages doesn’t sound harmful.

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