How To Translate A Scanned Document Or A PDF?

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In everyday life, we need to perform many tasks that can affect our work-life profoundly. One such necessary tech task is scanning documents. We scan documents for many reasons. But the most obvious one is to get a digitized version of a paper that we can carry everywhere. But sometimes after scanning, we also need to translate the document. With the help of a smart document scanner app, we can easily scan and translate.

Moreover, creating a PDF file of any image that has some text in it is not easy. Many PDF scanner apps offer OCR technology that extracts text and then translates it into many different languages.

How Can You Translate Scanned Documents With FlashScan?

At times, we need to scan important documents and immediately want to translate it. Here we will see how FlashScan will help you translate your documents easily. But before that, let’s see why we should scan documents.

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Why Should You Scan Documents?

Digitizing documents has many benefits. Find out a few of them here.

  1. Scanning gives us the luxury to use any paper anytime- We can not carry a physical document everywhere. But the scanned copy always stays with us.
  2. It is easy to carry scanned documents- Scanned documents are stored in our devices. So we can easily carry them.
  3. No extra maintenance required for scanned documents- A physical copy of any essential paper needs to be stored carefully. Gradually, with years, we need to maintain those papers. Otherwise, they get yellowish, and such poor-quality documents are of no use.
  4. You can edit scanned copies- A physical document can never be edited. but with a good document scanner app, you can edit scanned copies of any documents.
  5. Scanned documents can be converted into PDFs.- With the digitized version of documents, you get the facility to turn them into PDF files.

FlashScan: An Indian Document Scanner Application

FlashScan is an Indian scanning app that offers many useful features.

  • It scans all types of documents. Generate clear and sharp high-quality PDF with this PDF scanner app.
  • The OCR tool is a master text extractor. It reads the text carefully and also helps in translation. You can use OCR to translate scanned documents from English to other languages.
  • FlashScan is a one-stop scanning solution that also offers accurate QR and Barcode scans.
  • The post-scan filters like Grey Mode, Magic Color, and Black &White 1,2 are brilliant features that improve scanned qualities.
  • Users can anytime sort documents with Sort By feature. It makes your device decluttered from a digital mess.
  • You can generate different page-sized PDFs such as Letter, Legal, Tabloid, Ledger, Executive, A3, A4, A5 with this PDF scanner app.
  • Get original or compressed quality of PDFs in no time.
  • Before saving the PDF you can also name it through a system generated option, Choose a desired name if you wish to.

How Can You Scan Documents With FlashScan?

Download the FlashScan app first. For scanning, all you need is a smartphone and this app. Now follow these steps to scan your documents.

  1. Open the homepage of the app and go to the Doc Scanner.
  2. You will see two options here. Camera and Gallery.
  3. You can tap on the camera button and take a clear photo of the document from your device’s camera.
  4. Before saving it, if you wish you can turn it into a PDF file. Choose the original compressed size.
  5. This PDF scanner app also lets you create different page-sized PDFs. By default, it uses A4 size.

How Can You Translate Scanned Documents With FlashScan?

FlashScan offers translation support through the OCR tool. It is intuitive and recognizes text clearly. Many camera scanner apps do not offer OCR. And in such cases, you need to use external translation tools. But FlashScan offers it all. Here is how you can use the OCR tool.

  • Go to the home screen of the app and tap on the OCR.
  • You can recognize text from any given image by this tool. FlashScan is the best OCR app that identifies text from images.
  • You can also translate the text from here. FlashScan uses the Google translation tool to translate scanned documents.
  • Choose your scanned copies and apply translations. It accurately translates from English to other languages.
  • You can directly translate the extracted text also. FlashScan also allows you to save the text to the clipboard.
  • You can easily share scanned results to your friends and colleagues.


Translate your scanned documents with one of the best OCR app-FlashScan. It is quick and accurate. This document scanner app also works as a PDF scanner app and gives clear PDFs in no time.

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