Lounge Room Decoration Don’ts

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We all strive to shape our homes like the ones we see in the ads, magazines, and TV shows. The main part of your home is its living room and most of your visitors and guests are entertained here. A living room also sets the tone for the entire design of a home to its visitors. Therefore, it should always be designed in the best way possible to create a strong impression. 

In addition to the presence of contemporary furniture Brisbane to Melbourne, it is also necessary to give attention to other elements that play an important role in making a great lounge room design. A perfect design is possible when a variety of elements come together to give a balanced and considered look to any space. It should be noted that designing a living room is no easy task, it takes a lot of strategies, design sense, and effort to make it possible. While there are many do’s for a lounge room design, there are some don’ts as well. Knowing what to avoid will allow you to come up with an impressive living room design that is capable of creating an amazing impression. 

Here are our insider tips on what to avoid when designing your lounge room:

Lack of Natural Elements: 

A number of people overlook the importance of greenery in the living room. The presence of natural plants adds a lot in making your lounge room beautiful. Even if you are not much into plants and gardening, the presence of indoor plants and fresh flowers will make your living room lively. This greenery can help you in breathing fresh air and adding aroma to your living room. If you don’t have enough space to place large planters, hanging planters can serve the purpose. In addition to plants, pick some fresh flower branches from the outdoors of your home and place them in vases to make your home look fresh and organized. 

Cluttering Your Lounge Room

The world is turning towards minimality and organized home designs. The best way to do it is by equipping your living room with only essentials and taking care of the size of space and obstacles. Make sure you are not adding a lot of furniture to your living room, excess of everything is bad. You need to analyze your requirements and size of space and then create a design that looks great without the addition of a lot of furniture and accessories. You also need to keep an eye out for the things that are not in use and invest in some beautiful storage baskets and boxes that are capable of holding things that will otherwise make your lounge room look cluttered.

Absence of Common Texture:

While focusing on a lot of things that are to be placed in the living room we often tend to overlook the need for the common texture that will help you in creating ambiance throughout your living room. In order to create texture in your living room, you can make use of textured throws made up of natural linen to style up your sofa. This surprising texture will create interest and depth in the space. 

Items with the Same Origin:

This is really important, it usually happens when we try to pick everything from the same place to design the living room. Things coming from the same space of similar style will only give an impression of a showroom. The ambiance is good, however, too much similarity will play a negative role. Therefore, you need to put things from different eras and styles together to make your living room look lively. Create a well-thought mix of old and new objects to get a balanced appearance in your lounge room.

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