On Demand Business Start up Guide for Entrepreneurs

on demand business

The world of the On Demand business has grown beyond anything that anyone could have imagined. Come to think of it, the whole thing was set in motion with just a taxi app. When Uber was introduced in the market, the sole objective was to ensure that users can get taxis quickly and easily whenever they want. However, this soon expanded to multiple horizons and today, we live in a world where just about any kind of requirement can be fulfilled using a good app and a smartphone.

Many entrepreneurs globally have come to understand the potential of such apps and have jumped right into this business wholeheartedly. There are two roads that people can take:

  1. Building the app from scratch
  2. Buying a ready-made clone app

People who have a very unique vision and an idea that is novel for the business might want to build the app right from the ground up. The beauty of having the luxury to start off an app right from its inception is that you can give it the kind of shape that you want to.

If you have a particular design idea or a flow that is not seen as of yet, then it might be just perfect to bring something new into this world that can become a chart for many more to come in the years that follow.

However, there are 3 major downsides of having to create a whole new app:

It is time hungry

Building an app is a very long affair. Since there is a lot of groundwork and research to do, the app might take as long as 2 years to take shape completely. If you were hoping to break ground with this app any time sooner, that dream might not be possible to be fulfilled. Rushing through building an app will only lead to a half baked and unusable one. So, be very weary of such apps.

It is capital intensive

I wish I could say otherwise but building an app requires a lot of capital. There is a host of people that you have to hire to ensure that all aspects of the app have been thoroughly prepared apart from investing in the real estate needed to build a full-fledged development center for the apps. There’s more, technology isn’t an easy thing to get. The software needed to build these apps can cost thousands of dollars. Needless to say, you will need the best in the technology stack to ensure that the app has a seamless flow.

There is no foolproof way of quality checking

Regardless of how many different quality checks that your team undertakes, there are a thousand different real-world scenarios that you can not prepare yourselves and your app for. Most of these successful apps these days have feedback and time to fix their drawbacks. However, since you are absolutely new, it might be a difficult journey ahead for you.

Buying a Ready Made Clone App

Almost always, this seems to be the best option.  A ready-made app is typically prepared by an on demand app development company. Since the app is already in a pre-built condition, it makes it easy for the entrepreneur to get cracking with it easily. The app itself is formulated and designed after a popular on demand app in the same segment.

For example, if you wish to start your own on demand taxi booking app based business, you can go for an Uber Clone. In case you wish to start an on demand grocery delivery app, you can purchase an InstaCart clone.

As we’ve discussed the drawbacks of building the whole app from scratch, a cloned app gives you an advantage in all those three things. Since the app is already in a ready condition the on demand mobile app development company only takes 4 to 5 days to white label the app with your logo and brand name and add your color themes to it.

Also, the app development company worries about setting up the development center and hiring resources to build the apps so you wouldn’t have to bother with setting aside a budget for it. What’s more, the app is built on the script of tried and tested popular apps so extensive feedback and testing has already been undertaken for the same.


Whether you decide to build the app from scratch or to buy a cloned app one thing that you must always bear in mind is that the requirement for each business is unique. Since you are a startup, you have a unique budget, unique timeline, and unique target. Make sure that you do your research properly so that you can launch the app successfully and tap into the true potential of this market.

If you are going for the cloned app, make sure you only opt for an app built by a reliable on demand app Development Company so that you can rest easy and be certain of the quality of the final app. It might help if you take a look at the company’s customer testimonials to determine what kind of a team they have.

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