Table Fans – Helpful Buyer’s Guide

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Table Fans

Table Fans are the crucial utility gadget for the summer months. Unlike ceiling fans, the table fans offer better coverage and the airflow of the fans reach every corner of the room. The Indian subcontinent is known for its tropical, hot climatic conditions and having a Table Fan is necessary to survive comfortably during summers and humid rainy seasons. Ceiling fans are designed to offer airflow to a limited area in your room, and hence they are best for smaller rooms only. For bigger rooms and halls, the best choice is Table Fans.

Table fans are easy to maintain and offer better range and airflow to cover the entire room. There are many brands of Table Fans in India, and choosing the right model for your home is necessary. Plus, the prices of Table Fans vary depending upon the models, brand and features. With a comparison of Crompton and Sujata fan price, you can easily grab the cheaper and most affordable deal this summer.

Buyers’ Guide – Table Fans

Energy Consumption 

Buying table fans that consume more energy than a ceiling fan is ironic that can happen with you. Ensure that you buy the fan that is affordable and consume less energy. Table fans usually consume less energy than ceiling fans, and they are energy efficient too. But, you have to ensure that you are buying the best model that consumes less energy. It will help you in controlling the expenses of your utility bills and save more energy.


Another important feature that you have to look for is the portability feature of Table Fans. Table fans are usually portable in design, and it makes it easier for you to carry it from one room to another easily. Some of the models are too heavy in weight, and you find it challenging to move the fan. So, the portability of the table fan is a crucial feature to look for when buying one. You need to ensure that it is made out of durable, yet stronger material and compact in size so that you can easily carry it with you from one room to another.

Number of Blades       

Table Fans come with 2-3 blades depending upon the brand and model you choose to buy. The fans with three blades are always preferred because the air throw capacity is more with such fans. Plus, the rotation speed of the blades must be high so that you can enjoy better air throw. The higher throughput of fans would help the fan offer cooler air and better coverage, thereby making your experience worthwhile and better.

Movement of Air

The prime reason to buy Table Fans over ceiling fans is that it circulates the movement of air in the right direction and reaches larger spaces for better coverage. It prevents the air from getting stagnant in one place. If the air is stagnant in one palace, it maximizes the humidity level, thereby making it uncomfortable for you to sit in the room. So, ensure that the fan has better air movement, which is possible only with oscillation function. Most modern Table Fans come with oscillation function, which would cost you more, but it is worth investing in such models.

Noise Factor

Table fans are quite noisy than the ceiling fans, and the reason behind it is that it runs at a higher speed. The high-speed operation of the fans causes lots of noise, which can be disturbing for some people. Table Fans with less noise are high in demand. For maintaining a good flow of air, the fan must operate at a higher speed. At the same time, you also need to ensure that it produces less noise so that you can enjoy a sound sleep without disturbance. Find the best model of Table Fans in the market with better reach, optimal airflow, and less noise.

These are some of the factors you need to keep in mind when buying Table Fans for your home. Ensure that you consider these factors carefully and compare the Sujata and Crompton fan price online before buying to grab the cheaper and affordable deals and save money on your next purchase of Table Fans.

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