Top Yoga Poses To Increase Fertility In Women

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Pregnant woman holding a pregnancy tester. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Yoga Poses for Fertility – For any woman, having a baby or becoming mother, consciously or unconsciously has become one of the most expected things. However, getting pregnant is not easy for many women. It is very sad to know that some women can easily get pregnant, while some others are having difficulty to get pregnant. One of the most common factors is infertility. This factor can be really frustrating for many women. Therefore, women should prepare their fertility. There are many methods that can be used to boost the fertility. Some of them use medical treatment, medicines, and products. However, most of them also give side effects that needs to be considered. Yoga Poses for fertility might become the healthiest, the most safety and natural way to boost fertility.

How Yoga Poses for Fertility Work

There are some poses in yoga that can effectively boost fertility. You may wonder who yoga poses for fertility can work in boosting fertility. Most of infertility problem are caused by a blockage in the blood circulation that flows in some vital organs. The hormonal problems also can affect fertility. In Yoga, there are some poses that can open the blockage and make the blood circulation run smoothly. Yoga also works well in relaxing the emotion, so it will affect positively in hormonal aspect.

Yoga Poses for Fertility

There are some yoga poses that specially design to boost fertility:

  • Bee Breath (Bhramari Pranayama)

This yoga poses is great for relieving stress, anxiety, and worry which become significant factors in infertility problems. By doing this poses, you can calm your mind and body and it will increasingly boost your fertility. To do this poses, you need to sit straight. You should close your eyes and place your index finger on the cartilage of your ears. Inhale deeply and press the cartilage gently when you exhale. When you exhale, you should make a humming sound.

  • Seated Forward Fold

This yoga pose is also called paschimottanasana. This pose is a great exercise for hamstring, lower back, and hips. Seated forward fold pose will help you vitalize the ovaries and uterus which two key organs that work in fertility. Besides giving effect to those two organs, paschimottanasana is also good to improve the mentality and psychological state. To do this yoga pose, you should sit and stretch out your leg. After that, flex your toes toward you. To complete this pose, you need to bend your body toward your stretched legs. You should manage your breath when you are doing this yoga pose.

  • Reclining Bound Angle

It is also well known as Supta Badda Konasan. This yoga pose will help you strengthen your inner thigh and groin muscle. To do this pose, you need to lie down and bend out your knees. After that, place the soles of your feet touching each other. Place your hands beside you with the palms facing up. You should hold this position up to 10 minutes while also managing the breath.

Those are some yoga poses for fertility. Hopefully, by doing the poses, you can boost up your fertility and get pregnant. Doing this yoga poses doesn’t mean that you will get instant results. You should regularly practice getting the result that is expected. you may also join a women yoga classes for better results.

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