UK Schools can Improve their Race Relations by Three Ways

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Race Relations of schools

At present, all the schools across the UK disclaim that they have eradicated racism from their institutions. But on reality grounds, authorities failed to conduct morality in society at all. The murder of George Floyd is an example of the cruel behavior of racism. This incident made people excited about the present time. In a current report, the blacks and minorities are more affected by the coronavirus, as a result, there is an increased death rate of BAME people is double as compared to white-skinned people. It is an emotional issue of discretion for the community.

While education institutes declared that they give enough significance to the Black Lives Matter Movement, but beyond the slogans, there is no such practice is experienced in schools and colleges. All the black and minority ethnic pupils are complaining about mistreatment they face by white-skinned pupils in the schools. Although union leaders are working on these issues in every school and college but these efforts are not enough to completely eradicate this misdeed. Counseling and awareness is more necessary thing provided to such students. This diplomatic behavior of schools is reported by many BAME students. The BAME student union has presented a three-pointed summary to authorities to diminish racism from educational institutions. Law assignment help is also helping students in their academic process.

  1. Creation of a listening culture:-

Mr. Alison Kriel is an expert in education having experience of twenty years in counseling of famous educational institutes of London stated that authorities have less knowledge of racist practices facing by pupils. So, there is a misunderstanding between authorities and anti-racism unions, resulting in no effect on racist culture. Authorities should consider the demands of these unions by going into a more profound knowledge of school environments. They should listen to problems faced by black students on the campus, in playgrounds, and cafeteria. Most of the black students are misbehaved and degraded after the class is ended. The faculty and management of schools should promote the ‘listening’ culture in their schools. Giving accurate statements is not a reliable solution for this issue. The authorities should reflect some practical efforts to diminish this bad culture of racism instead of announcements on megaphones in the school assembly. They should now plan a schedule to maintain equity in classrooms as well as outside the classes.

But there is another problem in the eradication of such an environment from society. The teachers are not well trained to tackle racist issues on the campus. Expert trains should be conducted to train teachers on how they can tackle any racist practice in school. These issues are as important as health and security issues in a school because they are the development of the country’s assets. A school must take enough care of its spiritual ethics. All the necessary precautions should put into significant consideration. If teachers are unable to resolve these issues, the whole school will be gone unsafe. There should be some changes made in leadership roles in schools as leaders should be selected regardless of race and ethnicity among pupils. The faculty should promote positive discussions and conversations about race and unbiased culture. They should warn their pupils about the corrupt practices of racism. An environment of silence always enhances the chances of misleading.

  1. Recruitment and implementation of rules:-

A leadership expert of schools said, “There should be a proper channel of recruitment among teachers and senior leaders as recruitment for senior leaders is also succumbed by a biased, racist culture. Every recruitment should be processed according to the ads that are placed for relevant posts.” the BAME organization always helped out students and teachers for a better opportunity to their career by supporting them in different ways. Authorities should remove each applicant’s surnames at every step of recruitment to avoid any biased favor to any candidate. The recruitment should be made purely on merit instead of favoring the white-skinned families. As a report issued by Nuffield College Center for Social Investigation, the BAME organization always set up sixty percent more jobs in competition to white-skinned people.

Schools and colleges should not hesitate to hire black teachers and other minority ethnicities. Instead, they should support the talented and skillful BAME community to maintain a fair, balanced environment in society. The BAME will appreciate this step of concerned authorities by giving regards heartily.

  1. Modification in the curriculum:-

Many schools complain that their present curriculum does not meet the requirements of a diverse society. The Director of Advanced Studies in Hertfordshire, Mr. Nick Dennis, said that there is always accommodation in a curriculum to revise and diversify it for the betterment of education standards. The schools and colleges should consult with innovative departments and research alumni to modify the curriculum after a fixed time. It enhances the stability of the rule of education.

As the black pupils always complain to higher authorities that the curriculum they are taught by schools never contained any book or chapter published by a black author. They still discriminate against black author books by excluding from their course-outline. Moreover, teachers are also not acknowledged much to teach black authors. No history book contains the importance and services of the black slaves in freedom fight. It is a practice of racism implied by the school management.

The Headmistress of St Matthew’s Church of England in Birmingham, Miss Sonia Thompson, declared the black pupils empty vessels. She said that respected teachers have to fill up these vessels with valuable knowledge. If they show inequity for these abandoned vessels, the black pupils will learn a lesson of discrimination that will badly influence our society. She added that schools should now ponder to revise curriculum for each class, must include some of the books of black authors it diminish black and white discrimination at the education level. A strong curriculum consists of sound knowledge delivered to its pupils, and it brings prosperity in the society instead of hatred. If the school is situated in a mostly white population, it faces more practices of racism. Head teachers should plan a vast policy covering all the possible issues to tackle these problems so that no BAME student is mistreated or harmed in school.

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