Why you should study medicine at a Caribbean medical school

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Being a physician ranks among the world’s noblest of all professions. Its endeavor is worth everything. As a doctor, people are trained to help people in their vulnerable state so they can become well and healthy soon. Physicians touch the lives of many and are helpful to the world.

It is hard to choose at times which medial school should a student apply for when intending to study it. To choose between Harvard, John Hopkins, or a Caribbean medical school. The tuition fee of the latter is less than that of the former.

Other than that, the 4-year pre-med or another undergraduate degree requirement takes time and often makes students worry a lot. When students fall behind in premed, they then drop their hopes of becoming doctors and go for other disciplines.

Researching on medical schools can take time because a lot of options must be researched in the least amount of time. Most American high school graduates think about American medical schools. Rejection by American medical schools often makes them disappointed and they have to wait a whole year before they can apply again.

American medical school students are not the only option graduates should look at. They can consider studying at reputed medical schools in the Caribbean as that also gives them a good chance of acceptance. The educational standards of these medical schools have improved considerably.

Studying medicine in the Caribbean – why should students consider studying there?

The following are the reasons why American graduates aspiring to become physicians can consider taking admission at Caribbean medical schools for their education:

1. They pay less when it comes to tuition fee

Caribbean medical schools cost less than stateside medical schools. Both private and public sector medical schools in the Caribbean have comparatively low tuition fees in comparison to stateside medical schools. Hence, the stress of the tuition fees is low.

2. Medicine will be studied in a tropical paradise

America is beautiful but also has a lot of hustle and bustle. Students might end up studying medicine in Alaska, Vermont, Washington, Arizona, or Hawaii. They may not be used to a certain climate as Portland & Seattle receive less sunshine than Los Angeles, Amarillo & Miami.

In the Caribbean, they’ll be studying in round the year warm climate. Apart from having amazing sandy beaches; crystal clear water, scrumptious cuisine, and loads of sunshine, as well as a lively nightlife, are the features of the Caribbean.

3. The clinical experience they will receive is reasonably good

It is essential for medical students to have clinical studies during their medical studies. If they were studying in an American medical school, their clinical experience would start but that would be a bit tough because of competition. However, in the Caribbean; they would be starting clinical programs in a much improved and practical way because of less competition.

4. They will receive international training

International education is important, and an international experience counts a lot. Medical students have loads of options and opportunities in this regard, and so do doctors. International experience helps people find jobs easily. For American students with an international degree; an international clinical experience gives them a holistic experience of medicine and life.


There are numerous benefits to studying medicine in the Caribbean will bring to students. The fact of the matter is that many people do not know about the advantages it can bring. When researching upon medical school options and requirements, students must always be sure about their options before

Good MCAT scores and a good GPA are still the pinnacles of requirements for medical school. Yet, the requirements of Caribbean medical schools are very much relaxed in comparison to stateside medical schools.

Caribbean medical schools have been consistently improving their standards over the passage of time and are also looking to improve even further. They are collaborating further with many American medical schools in this regard.

Most Caribbean medical schools have representative and admissions offices stateside which can help you gain admission as well as arrange a campus visit. Those who wish to apply can easily visit the website or the US office of the Caribbean medical school you wish to study in.

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