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Shifted Magazine is a biweekly digital magazine, an intellectual escape from the ordinary and a celebration of the neo-vintage lifestyle.

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Shifted Magazine is a leading global news magazine publication. Our origin dates back to 2016. Since then, Shifted Magazine has transformed into a trusted source for emerging global news.

Our information and reporting services cover everything from all things that people most discuss in everyday life.

This realm of journalism can be a dynamic and ever-changing environment, so it’s crucial that our writers remain informed, up-to-date, and diligent in all their processes. Stories can change so rapidly and we value being one of the first to deliver authentic, breaking news.

We ensure that our contributors are all members of the Society of Professional Journalists, as this guarantees that our writers are governed by integrity and transparency when reporting all relevant news.

We are always looking for contributions who can make a change through writing or one is passionate about writing, We always welcome new topics and submissions, Please contact here to read more about submissions.

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For 2 years, Shifted Magazine readers have turned to us for fair, independent-minded coverage of the things that matter. Our reporting and commentary on politics, policy, technology and pop culture draw a loyal and engaged audience of millions of readers, viewers, and listeners.

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