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How to Achieve Natural Décor Style



Natural Décor Style

Some people like chic, modern homes; others prefer a more industrial look. If your preference is on the more natural side, then you likely enjoy a house that looks like it’s a part of nature. The question is, how exactly do you achieve that? Filling a room with plants isn’t always enough. Here’s how to achieve a natural décor style in your home.


Get a Barn Door

A barn door is a perfect addition to a natural home, as the material is often wooden, and they add real old-fashioned character to a room. Plus, if you install indoor sliding barn doors, you even save space in the home, making room for more natural décor. Go with rustic, reclaimed wood for an even more natural appearance.

Plants, Plants, Plants

Plants are sure to make any room look more natural. After all, they are a part of nature! So, make sure there are plants in every room in your home – you could put up some wooden shelves if you don’t have enough room. Some plants work better depending on the room, so do plenty of research when shopping around. For example, bamboo works well in bathrooms, while jade plants live better next to sun-facing windows.

Use Natural Colors

The wrong color will ruin your natural look, so choose natural shades that give your home a simple, nature-inspired look. Dark greens, browns, and creams work especially well. Think earthy tones – the type of colors you would see while taking a walk through nature.

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Get a Wooden Dining Table

The dining table is an important investment. You want it to compliment the surroundings while still catching the eye. For a natural home, shop around for a rustic, wooden dining table. Even better if it looks like it’s made by hand! If you have some DIY skills and access to good wood, you could even start the project of building your own.

Nature-Focused Art

The art around the home will change the overall style, so think carefully about the pieces you buy. Try to make sure most of your art is nature-focused. For example, paintings of forests, horizons, and mountains work brilliantly.

Decorate with Natural Materials

Using too much plastic when decorating will take away from the natural look. Instead, try to use only natural materials. Wood is the most popular for the natural style, but metal and stone works, too. For example, you could have a wooden armchair, a stone table, and a metal railing. When it comes to rugs, you could get a handmade jute rug for a beautifully natural look in any room.

Choose Simplicity

Natural décor works best when it is kept simple, so eliminate the clutter and focus on creating a spacious, airy atmosphere. You don’t need to go overboard with your natural décor, either. A few well-looked after plants will look better than a room stuffed with greenery!

The natural look will never go out of style. After all, it’s what the world is made of! With this advice, you can achieve the look in your own home.

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