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All You Need to Know About Blackjack



Know About Blackjack

In 2022, gambling at commercial casinos and online betting apps soared to a record of more than $60 billion in revenue. That represented a 14% increase from the previous year.

The rise in the popularity of gambling in the U.S. came after land-based casinos closed during the coronavirus pandemic. Online gaming became a top choice among bettors after sports betting legalization in 2018, as well.

In 2021, about 18% of regular gamblers between 35 and 44 claimed to play casino table and card games online.

Blackjack is one of the most well-known options at any casino.

Here’s a look at what you need to know about blackjack.

What Do I Need to Know Before Playing Blackjack?

Traditional blackjack is a casino table game with a player and a dealer (house). Some blackjack tables allow up to seven players at once. There are different table minimum and maximum bet limits, too.

For example, if you walk into a land-based casino, you’ll see signs depicting table limits for blackjack. Beginners might be more comfortable with minimum bets starting at $5 per hand. Other tables may require higher limits ranging from $25 to $250.

Usually, there are high-roller rooms at casinos for wealthier guests or VIP clients, sometimes based on invites. While maximum bets at regular blackjack tables may reach $1,000, a high-roller table might go up to $10,000 or $20,000.

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The object of blackjack is to get the closest to 21 points—without going over.

Playing Blackjack

How to Play Blackjack

To play blackjack, you’ll start with a bet. You’ll then receive two cards facing up, while the dealer gets two: face-up and face-down.

Once you’ve got your two starting cards, you can choose to “Hit” (get another card) or “Stand” (keep your hand).

The table usually shows what the dealer must do on specific hands. For example, a table may read, “Dealer must stand on 17 and draw on 16.”

That means if a dealer gets a total of 17—they can’t Hit again. If the dealer gets 16, they must draw another card.

Blackjack Payouts and Insurance

You may also see a sign on the table that reads “Blackjack Pays 3:2.” If a player’s first two cards show an Ace and a ten-card (10, Jack, Queen, or King), that’s blackjack. The player wins their bet with a 3:2 payout.

If you bet $10 and get blackjack, you’ll win $15 for a total payout of $25.

If the dealer shows an Ace, the player may choose insurance. (An Ace is an 11 or 1.) You might see on a table, “Insurance Pays 2:1.”

The point of insurance is to protect your bet against the dealer’s possible blackjack. If your original wager is $10 and the dealer shows a potential blackjack, it may cost $5 to insure your bet.

You can also buy insurance and win, lose, or push (tie), even if the dealer doesn’t get blackjack.

Learn more about developing a blackjack side bet strategy to hone your skills.

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Other Blackjack Side Bets

There are many other side bets in blackjack, including Double Down or Split. Online blackjack games offer titles based on side bets, like 21+3 or Surrender.

You might find Multi-Hand Blackjack with Surrender from the well-known software developer IGT. Table limits may start at $0.10 and reach up to $1,000 per hand.

Other blackjack side bets include:

  • Easy Match
  • Lucky Ladies
  • Over/Under 13
  • Royal Match
  • Super Sevens

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the best choices at any casino because of its low house edge. The phrase ‘house edge’ refers to the odds of the casino winning against the player.

House edge at blackjack ranges from 0.43% to 2%. Regarding a Return-to-Player (RTP) percentage, that’s 99.57% – 98%. Those are better odds of winning than most casino games, including slots, roulette, and baccarat.

You can get the best odds to win at blackjack by learning and implementing basic strategies.

Top strategies include:

  • Stand at 17 or higher
  • Don’t use insurance
  • Assume the dealer possesses another 10 when showing a ten-card
  • Stay within your betting limits
  • Always double down on a hard 11
  • Split a pair of 8s and Aces
  • Never split a pair of 5s or 10s
  • Double down on 10 when the dealer shows nine or less
  • Split a pair of 9s when the dealer shows nine or less

The words “hard” and “soft” in blackjack mean whether or not the hand contains an Ace that goes both ways—without the total going over 21. For example, a hard 17 might be 10-7. A soft 17 could be A-6.

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Splitting your hand means creating two hands out of one, while doubling down refers to increasing the size of your original bet by 2x.

It’s helpful to consult a blackjack strategy chart based on a certain number of decks to learn how to improve your chances of winning each hand.

Practice Blackjack with a Demo or Free Play

Blackjack is a simple game with lots of strategies. You can practice with demo or free play options to develop your skills.

Some online casinos may offer blackjack tutorials. You can lower the house edge if you learn a basic strategy.

Once you put in the time, you can find a strategy that works best for you and your bankroll.

Good luck!

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