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All You Need To Know About Arby’s Happy Hour



Arby's Happy Hour

Are you a foodie who loves to explain yourself and your places? If yes, then Arby’s is your next destination to explore. The Arby’s is famous for its roast beef that is slowly cooked. However, nowadays, they are gaining much more popularity for their exclusive promotional offers and limited-time deals and offers that are so affordable and consist of featured menu items that it is catching the attention of foodies all around. The deals and promotions are offered at different times of the year and vary from Arby’s branch to branch and location to location.

You might want to explore what type of menu is becoming more popular in Arby’s restaurant. Arby’s Happy Hour menu is one of the most popular and is everyone’s favorite. This Arby’s happy hour Arby’s menu is famous and considered the most extended special menu the Arby’s has. However, the happy hour Arby’s menu is available in almost all restaurant locations. It is known by all the days of the week from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. While it is said that the menu is available all around a week, sometimes it is slightly different from other branches and varies from location to location. The featured items in Arby’s happy hour menu cost around $1 each.

The menu of Arby’s happy hour differs from other menu items and includes french fries, drinks, cookies, and sliders. In this blog post, we will discuss Arby’s happy menu, its features, special promotions, and aspects that you, being the foodie, will be l, looking for.

Before we start and get into the details of the Arbys Happy menu, we must discuss the overview of the happy hour menu.

What Is Happy Hour Arby’s Menu?

The Arbys Happy Hour menu is one of the most popular yet unique offerings by Arbys. Arby’s is a sandwich chain mostly known for its roasted beef, Turkey, fried beef, fresh Angus, and more. The restaurant is known for its great-quality food delivery daily to its consumers. Apart from the restaurant’s reputation, its recent promotion has been catching people’s attention due to its featured products in deals with affordable rates.

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One of the menu and promotion deals Arby’s offers is the happy hour menu by Arbys. This happy hour Arby’s menu depends on the participating locations of the Arby’s. The menu consists of exciting featured products that attract the people around. Yet the cost of every item in that deal will be $1, which means that if the menu consists of 4 items, then the whole deal, including the sandwich, fries, drink, and more, will be only $4, which is quite reasonable and affordable for anyone.

However, one limitation is that Arby’s happy hour menu is only available from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. At the same time, Arby’s is mainly a franchise with few locations that the company owns. The majority of Arby’s locations are on a franchise basis. Does it mean that every franchise of Arby’s has the power and leverage to choose any offer promotion at their will at any time or can cancel any deal at any time?

So if you are the one who is one bring and wants to explore this happy hour Arby’s menu and all of the items, then you should visit the Arby’s between 2-5 p.m.

Now, the next question that might be right in your mind is the exact menu of happy hour at arbys. Below, we will discuss the menu accessories that Arby offers.

What Is The Menu Offered At Arby’s Happy Hour?

The Arby’s Happy menu consists of five items: sliders, curry fries, crinkle-cut fries, cookies, and drinks. However, the content or menu features these items in small ice-size portions. At the same time, Arby’s happy hour menu is a limited-time special deal available only in limited spots and locations and can be stopped anytime.

Menu Offered At Arby's Happy Hour

Deep Analysis Of The Happy Hour Menu At Arby

If you want to explore the happy hour menu. Then below is the in-depth analysis of Arby’s happy hour Arby’s menu items:

Arby’s Happy Hour Sliders

The slider is always the attention seeker in any menu. The Arby’s happy hour has various slider options; you can select any. These include the buffalo chicken slider to chicken slider, the jalapeno Rose beef slider to roast turkey slider, and the Rose beef slider.

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Arby’s Happy Hour Drinks And Cookie Desserts

Well, regarding the drinks and desserts, Arby’s happy hour also brings drinks, cookies, and desserts. There are 6 different varieties from which the customer can choose. These include the small french fries, the small fountain drink, the small crinkle price, the triple chocolate cookie, and the snack-size shake.

These are the primary common happy hour menus you can select from; however, it is essential to remember that the food menu of every Arby’s location can be different.

While we have discussed Arby’s happy hour menu, let’s look at Arby’s other Dollar menu.

What Is Arby’s Dollar Menu?

Arby's Dollar Menu

It is the menu that only calls $1 for all items. It was one of the most popular menus of Arby’s that got significant operator and consumer interest. However, this Arby’s dollar menu is no longer available, and a few more menus will cost you the same, but it’s different in menus one.

  • The 20 kids menu is a popular menu specially designed for kids. It is a complete menu with 6 items that only cost $1
  • The Arby’s deal is another crucial menu available on various Arby’s franchises for a limited time and will cost only one dollar.

These two significant Arby’s menus are similar to or based on one one-dollar menu. While the Arby’s with their expertise, have the winning formula in their hands. Hence, together their utmost quality, deals, and delicious, affordable food leads them to success.

There are a few more details you can capture being foody and similar to the deals like the dollar menu, kids menu on the Happy Hour Arby’s menu, and these. Similar deals are often known as the signature days as they are available on a limited time scale and are seasonal deals. So below, we will discuss it.

Limited-Time Signature Deals Of Arby’s

The limited-time signature deals have Great value and are available for limited stock time. The Arby’s brings various limited-time signature deals. Below, we have mentioned a few of the significant signature days of Arby’s:

The Arby’s Deal Of 2 For $5

It is a popular signature deal of Arby’s that includes two items and will cost $5. The deal is quite affordable. It is available in different participating locations. While it is considered a mix-and-match deal that features the selective manual item for selecting two items. This 2-for $ 5 deal is usually a limited-time deal and mainly offers the classical Arby’s favorite items range.

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Moreover, it is essential to remember that Arby’s items keep changing every week, and there is always something new to look forward to as it is one of the best grade value deals. Thus, the reason why the Arby’s 2 for $5, mix and match deal is considered one of the fan’s favorite deals.

So, you will be thinking of what items the signature limited-time mix-and-match deal offers its customers, from which the customer needs to choose two items.

Items Of Mix-Match

These mix-and-match items include the classic beef in ladder sandwich, the crispy fish sandwich, and Mozilla sticks two pieces to the traditional regular Rose beef sandwich and white Shadow make-in cheese.

The Arby’s Deal Of 5$

The Arby $5 deal is another limit-time offer in a few Arby’s locations. This is offered during specific business hours and will cost you $5 on this day. You can choose between the classic beef cheddar sandwich or the roast beef sandwich; the whole drink is complementary. However, it is essential to consider that the availability of this meal can be changed according to the franchises. The $5 Arby’s deal is one of the famous promotions. However, it has been for a limited time and can be removed anytime.

You might be thinking of where to find the Arby’s $5 deal right now. So, Arby’s has a franchise location in 6 states and 97 franchises. You can find a $5 deal on all the locations between 8–10 pm.

Items For $5 Deal

The items you can get in a $5 limited-time signature menu include the classic sandwich, whether you select the classic Rose sandwich or classic beef and sandwich cheddar sandwich. You will also get a small fries and a drink as complimentary.

So now we have discussed all the major deals Arby’s offers to its customers. However, it is always to remember that these days can be changed before going; it is essential to contact their website or their customer care representative to get updated information.


Arby’s is a food chain that has many locations all across the USA. The food chain has many exciting features that attract customers. However, Arby’s engaging content and marketing strategy are solid. The Arby’s exclusive deals moreover include the Happy Hour Arby’s  Menu to $5 deal, and more, which are limited-time opportunities for consumers. Thus, this is the reason why Arby’s is getting so much popularity nowadays.

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