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Important Questions to Consider Before Attempting the FSSAI Examination



Attempting the FSSAI Examination

Attempting the FSSAI examination can sprout a multitude of questions. You are bound to have several questions in your mind. Having said that, we have answered the most asked questions for you to get better clarity on your examination.


Q1. What does FSSAI do?

Ans: The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous statutory authority established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 to set science-based standards for food articles and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import in order to ensure the availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption.

Q2. Should my venture be registered under FSSAI if I want to sell edibles in India?

Ans: Products that one may consume and be directly affected by the need to be looked at. To avoid unjust production practises and make sure that consumers have a license mark to rely on. Yes, it is mandatory for one to register under FSSAI if they deal with the manufacturing of foods in India. There are three types of licenses one can register under:

  1. Food business operators (FBO’s) with a turnover of Rs 12 lakhs per annum register themselves under the basic license.
  2. Barring the FBOs covered under Schedule 1 of FSS regulations, any business with a turnover range of 12 lakhs to 20 crore rupees should get themselves registered under an FSSAI state license.
  3. Food Business operators with an annual turnover of 20 crores should register themselves under the Central License.
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However, it is worth mentioning that many products like millets and cereals are supposed to register regardless of the scale of the economy in which they operate. A prominent reason why this is the case can be found in the regular spread and use of those goods.

Q3. How can you apply for a post at FSSAI?

Ans: You can check for the heading “Jobs @ FSSAI (Careers)”. The site is updated with new links designed specifically for applying to the mentioned roles. It must also be made sure that you check off the eligibility criteria and submit the required documents

Q4. Where can I attempt the FSSAI mock test?

Ans: One can take the mock test that FSSAI offers on their website for all the different posts. They have various forms of tests, ranging from aptitude tests to technical knowledge. The FSSAI mock tests are given with the view that people can prepare for the exam more confidently, considering how hard such exams are set to be. You can click here to know more about FSSAI recruitment 2021.

Q5. When can you apply for a job at FSSAI?

Ans: The FSSAI website notifies users when there is a vacancy that needs to be filled.To find out more, you can scroll to the bottom of their site and click on “Jobs @ fssai (Courses)” under the “others” heading.

Q6. What should one know about working at FSSAI?

Ans: The FSSAI is a governed and regulated body, so that would make any person working at the FSSAI a government employee. It is also said that the money paid to employees is decent and that the job can eventually lead to becoming a holder of permanent government jobs.

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