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Average Age for Dental Implants



Age for Dental Implants

The longevity of dental implants depends on the material and insertion into the bone. Clinical research reports that survival rates have reached 94 percent in more than ten years and over 15 years to 91 percent. The research has created new methods and technologies, making implants last longer. For instance, patients with low bone density and bruxism can now benefit from techniques and implants. Hence, implants have become available to more people. If you’re interested in getting dental implants, we recommend checking out this Cosmetic Dentist In Virginia Beach.

The jaw implanted also determines how long the implant will last. The study showed a 12-year success had an 84 percent rate – meaning implants that remained healthy were 84 percent in twelve years – for implants in the upper jaw. At the same time, the success of the same period reached 93 percent for implants inserted in the lower jaw. However, you can make your dental implants last longer

For implants to last for the longest time, you should regularly observe good oral hygiene and see your dentist. The implants do not mark the end of flossing or brushing as most people think. Once you get the implants, taking good care of your teeth is mandatory. Proper care of the implants can lead to longer-lasting for more than two decades.


Dental Implants in Chatswood

Dental implants in Chatswood use the DIOnavi system. It implements a flapless technique that comprises no sutures, less discomfort, and minimal surgery time. The system uses the latest digital technology with a computer simulation that allows the dentist to determine the safest and ideal pathway for implantation. This avoids potential nerve injuries or other damages. Though the planning stage is time–consuming, the surgery time will take less time. You are assured that the implantation is accurate and safe.

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Dental Implants in Gordon

Dental implants in Gordon are similar to titanium artificial tooth roots with different proportions and grades. Gordon dentists use implantation methods that are computer-aided to plan treatment. This approach is beneficial to both the patient and the surgeon in terms of less surgery time, implant stability, and precision placement. They also use renowned brands like Osstem, TRI, and Nobel to solve the most complex implant cases.

Dental Implants in Sydney

Dental implants in Sydney are more expensive than other tooth replacements like bridges and dentures, probably because you pay for expertise, technology, and other benefits. The surgeons use fixed prostheses that need permanently fixed appliances, removable overdenture, and implant-supported bridges and gaps. The implants are suitable for adults of all ages. However, the emotional and financial costs have good value for your money.

Age Effects of Dental implants

Dental dentures and bridges are good options if you have a missing tooth. Most people prefer getting implants when they are middle-aged. This approach coincides with the average age for dental implants. Though it is the most common age to get implants, it is possible to get them earlier.

Is There Too Young For Dental Implants?

Yes, infants and toddlers should not get implants despite any signs of hypodontia like congenital missing teeth. They are still growing; therefore, you should not consider this decision until their permanent teeth grow. The implants are also not suitable for children ranging from six years to teenagers.

As children continue to grow and mature, the jawbones keep on transforming regularly. Therefore the implants can cause many problems concerning jawbone maturation and teeth position.

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The youngest person suitable for an implant is 18 years, but it is recommended to wait until the mid-twenties. The patient will be fully matured; therefore, the oral surgery will have permanent results. Nevertheless, the mid-twenties are still early, even considering the average age for dental implants. After consultation, the oral surgeon and the dentist can decide if dental implants are a suitable option.

Is There Too Old For Dental Implants?

No, you can get an implant in your 80’s. To restore the ability to smile, chew and bite in such golden years requires securing full upper and lower dentures and selected implants. Though you can get implants at such an age, there are many reasons why it is a bad idea. Here is more detail on the average age for dental implants:

  • The best age for the implants – The jaw stops growing when you reach 18 or 20, as in most people. It is recommended to get treatment with 18 to 20 years while in some cases with 16 years.
  • The life expectancy of the implants varies depending on each patient, but most of them report to last for more than three decades after the surgery. However, practicing regular cleanings and good oral hygiene can make dental implants last for a lifetime.
  • The average age for dentures – In 2015, Survata conducted a study showing most people had dentures when 43 years old or younger. However, most people believe that the average age is higher than that, but the study called it a misconception.
  • Bridge or implant, which is better? – The implant is not meant to stain other teeth. Its most great benefit is that it can replace more than one tooth. If you have a bridge, the dentist will use healthy adjacent teeth. Dental bridges and crowns are replaced every one to two decades.
  • The implants’ adverse effects include implant site infection, damage or injury to the surrounding structures, and nerve damage causing tingling, numbness, and pain in the gums, teeth, and lips.
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