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10 Basic Supplies for a New Dog



Supplies for a New Dog

If you are planning to adopt a new dog, then you might be head over heels because who doesn’t love that cute fur baby. But you will need some basic supplies as a new dog owner. Read on to know more about it:


1) Chew Toys

If you are an owner of a new fur baby(dog), it’s not surprising if we tell you that you will need a lot of chew toys for your dog. It will help them make their gums better and keep their teeth healthy. Besides that, it will help in taking out antibacterial Saliva from your dog’s mouth, which will keep your dog’s mouth clean.

2) Leash

Putting on a leash on your dog at home isn’t important. But if you are a new dog owner, you will need to take your dog out for walks many times to get closer to your dog. For that reason, you will need to buy a comfortable leash for your dog so that it doesn’t run away while strolling.

But if you want to add a little personality to your dog’s look, consider customising their bandana. At they offer a wide range of options for customising your dog’s bandana. From choosing the fabric and pattern to adding embroidery or applique, it can help you create a one-of-a-kind bandana for your beloved pet.

3) Dog Food

If you are a new dog owner, then, of course, the first thing you will need to take care of is food. Your dog will need to be healthy and strong if it wants to run around in the house with its family. Buy some nutritious food for your new dog so that it can stay happy and well-fed.

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4) Dog Bed

As you might be aware, all the dogs are mischievously naughty and run around everywhere without realising how tired they are. So for better resting, they need a comfy bed for themselves so that they can sleep peacefully on their comfy bed. So you put your dog’s bed near your bed so that you can keep an eye on your dog.

5) Dog House

When you are a new dog owner, you might want to give everything you can to your new cute fur baby, right? Buying a house for your dog isn’t a bad idea. Not the big lavish house but the small dog house where your dog can spend some time alone and play alone. You can put it in your backyard or garden.

6) Dog Collar

As a new dog owner, you might get confused if you can’t find your dog among many dogs. So, that’s when a dog collar comes to save you. You need to buy a dog collar that has your dog’s name on it and fit it around your dog’s neck. This way, even if your fur baby gets lost, you can find it.

7) Brush

You see, it’s important to keep your dog’s mouth clean and bacteria-free. That’s the reason you will need to buy a separate brush for your fur baby. You can buy dog supplies at PETstock and see if it is suitable for your dog or not. Of course, the brush is the first thing you need if you are a new dog owner.

8) Clippers

As a new dog owner, you will need to be careful with your dog’s health and grooming. Sometimes, grooming can hurt your dog. So, it is essential to buy proper dog clippers to cut down your dog’s nails before it starts hurting. Besides, dog clippers are best for keeping your dog from harming you, too, right?

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9) Washable Bowls

As a new dog owner, you might not know how much food or what type of food your new fur baby will like. So, it’s important to purchase washable bowls specifically for your dog. Then, whenever you think your dog has not eaten much, you can put some dog food in the bowls and keep it around the house in such a way that your dog finds it.

10) Bathtime Specials

Most dogs don’t like bath time, right? So, if you are a new dog owner, you will need to work harder to get your dog in the bathtub. First, you need to buy shampoo and soaps that don’t harm your dog and take your dog to have a bath every once in a while, if not every day. When you are buying shampoo and soaps for your dog, make sure it smells long-lasting because who knows when would be the next time your dog agrees to bathe.

These are some basic supplies that you will need to be a good dog owner and keep your new fur baby happy.

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