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10 Best Color Toys For Toddlers in 2023



Best Color Toys For Toddlers

Are you looking for fantastic color toys for toddlers that would play a significant role in their mental development, physical growth, and sensory skills? Being guardians, you want to get something fun and amazing for those little hands of your kid. Something that would bring out your toddler’s creative skills, broaden his vision about materials and phenomena occurring around him, and something that is an all-rounder solution when it comes to playing and learning simultaneously. Shapes and color toys for toddlers have always been in demand. This is because they play an important role in building kids’ cognitive, motor, and thinking skills.

Markets are loaded with limitless supplies of such color-learning toys for toddlers, color sorting toys for toddlers, learning colors toys for toddlers, and color toys for babies, etc. Which one to go for? This query must be teasing your brains. No more worries because this article will solve all the confusion since we have come up with a precise review of all the top-notch best coloring toys for toddlers that are on the hit list.

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1. LEGO Colorful Toys Building Kit

LEGO Colorful Toys Building Kit

The first one which is at the top of our list is LEGO Colorful Toys building kit. It stands first in the category of shapes and colors toys for toddlers. Kids love to play with multicolored blocks that apart from providing entertainment, also build their cognitive and motor skills. Variations in shapes, sizes, and colors cause them to develop a strong imagination. This kit promises hours and hours of creative play and build, as it keeps your baby busy with the variety of materials provided. The idea of color-learning toys for toddlers never fails among parents.  This preschool building set is appropriate for use by kids under 5 years.

This kit containing colored toys for babies can be used present as a casual or formal gift to your loved ones. It makes the best gift on the occasions of birthdays, Christmas, holidays, picnics, etc.

You can buy LEGO Toys from here.


The product features an 80-piece collection of building blocks that come in a variety of colors. These kiddie cubes are made of high-quality plastic material that is 3D printed using PLA.  Apart from blocks, the package consists of double-sided decorations such as building cards and propellers to add a delightful twist. Product dimensions are 11.34 x 11.34 x 4.49 inches while its weight is 16 ounces.


  • Won’t break, Won’t discolor, long-lasting and durable.
  • Toddlers has got a choice to create multiple shapes.
  • This playset develops building skills and creativity with a choice of basic bricks.
  • The color coding of the cubes helps to develop your kids’ visuals.
  • The cube shape with sides and edges enables them to have a hands-on experience of deeper understanding.
  • For variety purposes, the kit has got some propellers and building cards.
  • It triggers critical thinking in your little one making him able to learn about colors, shapes, and sizes secretly, as he
  • plays around with these blocks.
  • You can also choose to give this LEGO toy kit to your loved ones as a gift.


  • Blocks may have sharp edges that may lead to injuries.
  • The toddler may fall prey to these bricks, get slipped, and fall down.
  • Material may not be skin-friendly.
  • The toddler may put blocks into their mouth ending up hurting themselves.
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2. Humble Crew Wood Toy XL Storage Organizer

LEGO Colorful Toys Building Kit

On the second number comes a toy storage organizer that helps you deal with the mess that your toddler makes. This jumbo-sized toy organizer will take the charge of your room’s tidiness. It is a wooden organizer made to accommodate your toddler’s toys more effectively, thus keeping your place organized. You can put all your kid’s stuff into this organizer.

It has 16 bins that will help you arrange various categories of toys in different bins. These colorful containers help to organize your baby’s play stuff more precisely. You can even ask your kid to sort out his accessories based on his knowledge of colors and shapes and put them in respective bins.  You can choose to place these open storage plastic bins elsewhere in your home, to accomplish your home decor goals as per your requirements.


The product features a supersized toy organizer made of high-quality wood and plastic material. It comes with 16 multicolored small and large bins to make your process of organizing more appropriate. The bins are removable and portable. Item dimensions are 15.5 x 42 x 31 inches. Bin size options include L x W x H = 11.75″ x 8.25″  x 5.25″  for 12  bins and  16″  x 11.75″  x 5.25″  for the remaining 4 bins. Color variations include:

  • Espresso with white bins
  • White with white bins
  • Grey with blue, green, and yellow bins
  • White with pink, purple, and light blue bins
  • Grey with white bins
  • Walnut with primary color bins
  • Black with white bins
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  • High-quality wood material, won’t crack and won’t swell.
  • Non-toxic plastic material, Pb and phthalate free.
  • The product is durable and long-lasting.
  • This organizer makes your kids learn about basic etiquettes of tidiness.
  • Storage bins are easily accessible to children of every height.
  • Bins can accommodate a variety of products such as books, clothes, shoes, diapers, stationery, etc.
  • The organizer is beautiful and it will increase the aesthetic value of your corner.
  • The organizer has 25% more storage space to accommodate all your toddler’s belongings.
  • It is easy to assemble and easy to clean.


  • The wooden organizer is very large in size, you may face placement issues.
  • You will have to maintain it by cleaning its components regularly.
  • The bins don’t come with lids and all your stuff will remain uncovered.

You can buy from here

3.  Skip Hop Kids Toy

Skip Hop Kids Toy

Apart from shapes and color toys for toddlers, parents look forward to a bicycle or a tricycle that provides a riding experience to kids. What about a single two-wheeler conveyance that grows old with your kid?

Skip Hop brand introduces a 3-in-1 kids’ toy that works as a scooter, as a push walker, and as a brilliant toy. Its cute unicorn theme makes it like a dream come true, for your kid. Besides its unique color scheme, your toddler will fall in love with its cartoon appearance. You can present it to your kid on Christmas, your birthday, new year’s eve, etc. This walker can be utilized by your kid for his own use. Sometimes, kids love to give free trips to their dolls, bears, and figurines and enjoy this activity.


The product is medium in size and it comes with an adjustable handle to suit your kid’s height. This toy is made of high-quality plastic material. It weighs 5.4 pounds and requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. The batteries are not included in the package. Product dimensions are 22.75 x 13.5 x 20.5 inches. Children under 5 years, can enjoy unlimited rides over this mighty unicorn. The toy has got a push button on it, which is used for music, funny sounds, and headlights. It keeps your toddler busy with the toy, while you can manage other jobs meanwhile.


  • Your kid can walk, scoot and take a ride.
  • The push walker has additional features such as music, lights, and sounds.
  • The product is durable and long-lasting.
  • The toy looks amazing and it will increase the beauty of the corner.
  • The walker develops kids’ learning about balancing, coordination, and motor skills.
  • When the kid grows into a toddler, its ride-on mode helps him to learn about pushing and pulling mechanisms.
  • Later on, the little one may have unlimited fun in its scooter mode.


  • This toy can be utilized by little kids only.
  • It requires batteries to operate.
  • Plastic material may not be skin-friendly

Buy from here

4. Amazon Basics Kids Toy Storage Organizer

Basics Kids Toy Storage Organizer

If your toddler spreads his toys everywhere like floors, laundry baskets, washroom, and beds, and the whole home looks untidy, and you are looking for one simple solution to get rid of all the mess around, then you need to have a toy organizer at your place, with enough space, to accommodate your kid’s accessories.

This medium-sized toy organizer will keep your room tidy and clean. You can put all your child’s belongings in it because it has got adequate storage capacity. It has 12 bins that will help you arrange various categories of toys in different bins. You can even ask your kid to sort out his accessories based on his knowledge of colors and shapes and put them in respective bins.


The product features a kid’s toy storage organizer with 12 plastic bins arranged in four rows. These bins come in primary colors i.e; Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green. The frame is made of sturdy, composite wood with a 25 lb capacity. The bins are removable, multiple colored with variable sizes, 8 small and 4 large. Moreover, these are portable and are secured with wooden stands.

Item dimensions are 33.25 x 11.02 x 31.3 inches. The product weighs 18.68 pounds. The organizer also offers anchoring features. You can fasten it to the wall, so it does not fall down and make your place untidy.


  • High-quality plastic material.
  • The organizer is durable and long-lasting.
  • This product makes your kids organized.
  • You won’t face placement issues.
  • Storage bins are easily accessible to children of every height.
  • Bins can accommodate a variety of products such as books, clothes, shoes, diapers, stationery, etc.
  • You can attach it to the wall and place it on the floor as well.
  • It is easy to assemble and easy to clean.
  • It triggers deeper understanding in your little one making him able to learn about colors, shapes, and sizes secretly, as
  • he places his toys in this organizer.
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  • You will have to maintain it by cleaning its components regularly.
  • The bins don’t come with lids and all your stuff will remain uncovered.

Buy from here

5. Little Tikes Inflatable Jumper Bounce House

Inflatable Jumper Bounce House

Children love to play with soft and flexible toys such as Jumpers, sliders, bouncers, etc. Keeping in view all your requirements and expectations, we are providing a detailed review of the Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer by the Little Tikes brand.

This is an Inflatable jumper bouncer with the colorful appearance of an attractive cartoon house. It fascinates kids, due to its bouncing action. Kids love to hop, jump, and roll on this brilliant piece of art. In this way, they can spend hours and hours of unlimited play.


Inflation and Deflation! The product features an inflatable bounce house, which has got enough space and weight-bearing capacity to provide quality time to your children. It takes a minute to inflate and deflate it with the high-pressure blower.

Mesh netting! It has a large jumping area of 12” x 9” surrounded by tall walls. The mesh netting in the walls allows you to monitor your kids while they play.

Shape and Weight! The bouncer house is square in shape and weighs 250 pounds.

Heavy Duty Blower and safety! You won’t face incompatibility issues because of the Heavy duty blower with a GFCI outlet that detects risks and protects your children from shocks.

Resistant against mechanical damage! The bouncing jumper house is made of high-quality Vinyl plastic, made with solid double-stitch to prevent cuts, rips, and tears.

Outdoor Enjoyment! The product is potent enough to be placed on your lawn where kids can jump and enjoy a party.

Add-ons! Apart from the jumper house, the product also features a carrying case, six bouncer stakes, four blower stakes, a storage bag, a heavy-duty blower with a GFCI plug, and shoe storage on the side.


  • It is super quick to inflate and deflate the bouncer house, by using Heavy duty blower.
  • The jumper house is safe and secure for children.
  • The shoe storage site provided on the side allows kids to secure their shoes while playing and keeps the place tidy.
  • The product is durable and resistant to damage.
  • Children may use it for jumping, bouncing, rolling, hopping, stretching, etc. so their bodies remain healthy and flexible.
  • This slider offers kids hours of healthy play without gadgets.


  • Accommodates up to 3 kids.
  • For kids of 3 to 8 years.
  • Not for children under 3 years because of choking hazards.

Buy from here

6. Step2 Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table

When children play together, it helps them build confidence, tolerance, cooperation, and coordination. They get more opportunities to learn through teamwork. Therefore, they need to have an experience with such toys that allow them to come together and play.

If you want color toys for toddlers that include compound settings of multiple tools then this Rain Showers Splash Pond Water Table may turn out to be a smart choice. Children love rain and this artificial rain mechanism inside your home will create a blissful charm for them.


Dimensions! The product dimensions are 39 x 24 x 32 inches and it weighs 14 pounds. It is designed to entertain children of 18 months to 8 years.

Accessories! The product features a 13-piece playset mainly comprised of a pond which is fabricated with add-ons like buckets, spinners, ramps, strainer, flippers, 2 spinning wheels, 3 maze pieces, 2 cups, a waterfall tray, toys such as rubber ducks, a frog, and fish water squirters.

Drain Plug! The pond has a drain plug that prevents the escape of water.

Mechanism! Kids use buckets to put water from the pond into the waterfall tray, from where it drips drop by drop and creates a soothing rainfall effect.


  • Indoor mini water park for children.
  • Can be placed indoors and outdoors.
  • Builds up children’s language and social skills.
  • Promotes stem learning such as concepts of causes, effects, motion, fluids, directions, flow, speed and gravity, etc.
  • Kids learn physical and motor skills and experience sensory exploration.
  • All the accessories are functional, adorable, and baby-friendly.


  • The playset is loaded with accessories that may create a little mess.
  • Water makes the place damp and dirty.
  • While playing together, children may get indulged in a fight.
  • Children get wet.

Buy from here

7. Battat Wooden Activity Cube

Wooden Activity Cube

Learning color toys for toddlers has always been in parents’ demand because such toys provide an endless learning experience to kids. They learn about shapes, sizes, colors, etc. This article is for you if your kid is 1 year plus and you are looking for beneficial toys that will make him learn about objects, and animals and prove to be the best coloring toys for toddlers.

This is exclusively designed for animal lovers. Children get to learn about animals, their colors, and shapes and begin to recognize them in the real world. The amazing thing about this toy is, it is more like a game where a child has to open the doors to find animals.

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Item dimensions are 13.4 x 11.81 x 17.72 inches. It weighs 14 pounds. The product is made of solid wood, beautifully crafted with multiple colors, and has a sturdy construction. The corners and edges are rounded to make the toy smooth and secure for the child. The wooden cube with farm-themed panels has got so much to discover such as animals, loopy routes, zig-zag paths, illustrations, and craftsmanship with the help of accessories such as tractors, beads, and spinners. The farm wooden block is 18 inches tall and features a wooden bead roller coaster and a spinning animal alphabet. This game is suitable for children 1-year-old and above.


  • The block has a variety of bright colors to attract kids.
  • The product is sturdy, durable, and long-lasting.
  • It brings out the creative skills of your child.
  • Children begin to learn about farms, animals, shapes, and colors.
  • The block has smooth corners to prevent injuries.
  • It provides sensory exploration with educational experience.
  • Useful for both genders.


  • Material may not be baby-friendly.
  • Wood may get damaged when exposed to water.
  • Complicated settings.

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8. Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set

Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set

Kids are always attracted to colorful toys. They love spending hours playing with colorful objects such as plastic blocks, shapes, alphabets, fruits and vegetables. This fact can be utilized to make them learn about sorting of colors so they will begin to recognize and name different colors.

This play kit consists of color-sorting toys for toddlers. These include fruits and vegetables that are supposed to be placed in their respective baskets. As a result, the kid learns fruit and vegetable names and recognizes colors and foods. He gets a chance to get his counting, vocabulary, and sorting skills polished. In this way, his preschool learning goals are achieved. This color sorting kit is appropriate for 1.5 to 8-year children.


The product features a 30-piece playset that consists of 25 fruits and vegetables of different colors. The child is supposed to recognize the food by its name and color and put it in a respective basket. The package includes these 30 accessories along with stick-on labels, 5 baskets, and an activity journal.

Dimensions of the product are 13 x 10.1 x 5.8 inches and it weighs 2.84 pounds. The playset consists of 25 kid-friendly vegetables and fruits available in 5 different colors, ranging from plump purple to green granny smith apple colors.


  • This kit is best to make kids learn about shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Kids begin to recognize fruits and vegetables in real life.
  • Kids love to eat foods that they can relate their toys to.
  • Kids play with the accessories and put them back in the baskets. It makes them well-mannered.


  • The number of accessories that come with the package may create a mess.
  • Kids may put artificial fruits and vegetables into their mouths to eat them.
  • The material of toys may be toxic and unreliable.

Buy from here

9. Climb and Crawl Activity Playset

Climb and Crawl Activity Playset

Stretching, jumping, sliding, crawling, hopping, and rolling are always associated with toddlers because at growing age, kids jump around and develop flexibilities in their bodies. Therefore, parents take interest in buying those shapes and colors for toddlers that help them in their physical growth and in building sensory and motor skills.

ECR4Kids is offering an amazing package that has a Climb and crawl activity playset. It is soft, flexible, and bouncy. Kids from 1 year to 5 years can enjoy unlimited hours of play on it. It is available in primary colors.


The package consists of a 5 piece set that includes square, rectangle, wedge, round, and half-moon shapes. The playset is lightweight, foamy, made of polyurethane material without phthalates, CPSIA and CA-117 compliant for added safety, and is designed for infants and toddlers.

Product dimensions are 24″ L x 16″ W x 8″ H and it weighs 9 lbs overall.


  • Soft leather feel
  • Low maintenance and safe play
  • Physical development, functional, Sensory, and motor development.
  • No assembly is required.
  • Consecutive hours of unlimited play
  • Can be placed in daycare, home, and preschool environments.
  • Can be placed indoors and outdoors.


  • No boundaries, and kids may fall down.
  • Age restriction.
  • Weight-bearing capacity is not known.
  • No guarantee about wear and tear.

Buy from here

10. Delta Children Deluxe Toy Box

Deluxe Toy Box

Children love Disney land and everything that has even the remotest connection with Disney world becomes a delight for children. Have a look at this brilliant Children’s Deluxe Toy Box that is alternatively known as Children’s Disney Minnie Mouse. It is recommended for 3 to 8 years old kids.


The wooden toy box has been designed with a Mickey Mouse theme. It has rounded corners and smooth edges. It comes with a lid having a safety hinge that makes it open or closes slowly without hurting your toddler’s hands. The box is decorated with colorful graphics.

Assembled dimensions of the product are  21.5 H x 23.5 L x 14.5 W inches. Item weight is 22 pounds.


  • Meets or exceeds all national safety standards and CPSC regulations
  • 100% non-toxic material
  • No batteries are required.
  • The product comes with durable wood construction
  • Meets all national safety standards including CPSC regulations
  • Colorful character artwork gives an eye-catching look
  • Colorful graphics will not fade over time
  • Covered with lid


  • Ordinary box, with no lights, music or sound effects.
  • Age-restriction
  • Can’t hold more than 50 pounds weight.
  • Contains no bins to sort accessories.

Buy from here


We have provided a detailed review of all the categories of toddler toys such as color sorting toys, multiple-shaped toys, multi-use toys, etc. Now, it is up to you which toy you would like the most for your little one.

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