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Best Robo Advisor

The digital age provides plenty of room for innovations and technological advancements that help fast-track business operations. One of these is low-cost software tools commonly known as Robo-advisors which help in managing people’s financial portfolios automatically. Compared to human financial advisors, they cost distinctly less, making them an efficient and preferable tool for different kinds of investors.

In this article, we will be talking about Robo advisers and some of the best Robo advisor apps you can use for your wealth management services.


Robo Advisors: What you Need to Know

What is a Robo-advisor? Robo advisors are basically software products that can help in managing your investments without the need for self-management or a financial portfolio. The process typically involves opening a Robo-managed account where you have to fill in basic information pertaining to your investment goals through filling up an online questionnaire. After this, Robo advisors will crunch the data to build a portfolio of diversified investments and be able to provide an asset allocation approach so that you can meet your target percentages for the said investments.

Bambu Go: Best Robo-Advisor

That being said, you may want to have a Robo-advisor solution that does not need any integration or development, all while improving accuracy, speed, and flexibility. Bambu Go is among the top Robo-solution that the industry has, offering both small and large businesses the opportunity to be equipped with an on-the-go wealth management system that prioritizes efficiency.

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Here are some of the perks that you can get with Bambu Go:

  • Automated Transactions

Say goodbye to hassling transactions! Bambu Go provides automated transactions which facilitate a seamless and stress-free payment process and management. Not only that, but it also allows ACH payments, order management, instant verification, and even rebalancing through Plaid and Apex Clearing.

  • Fast Delivery

With the robot-advisor app, you can also choose to customize it and specifically tailor it according to your branding. You can also set up products, risk questions, and portfolios by using our dashboard. Furthermore, deployment only generally takes about two months.

  • Supported and hosted on Amazon Web Services

It’s also hosted alongside 24/7 support on one of the leading website services, Amazon Web Services, under your domain name. You can also guarantee protection since the support also comes with data anonymization and industry-leading security.

Web Services

  • Zero Coding Required

Bambu Go almost has everything you ever need in terms of wealth management. That being said, you don’t need further development or integration for it to run. This best Robo-advisor allows you to conveniently operate a digital wealth platform, including custody with Apex Clearing and a brokerage.

  • Pay as you go

Aside from being able to customize it, what’s great about Bambu Go is that you can run it even on a limited budget. This gives you plenty of avenues to grow your business without worrying about financial constraints. Its real-time customer feedback will also help you enhance your business model along the way.

  • Smart Customer Experience

We want to make sure that our customers receive the best experience and service that they deserve. Because of this, Bambu go simplifies the customer experience by being operated through mere recommendations and personalized data.

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