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Bingo Slang Explained



Bingo Slang

Bingo is an interesting game and the bingo slang at the time of calling the numbers makes the game much more interesting and fun. Below is a list of some of the popular bingo slang.

Kelly’s Eye

In the same way as other slang articulations, the starting points of this bingo call are somewhat dubious. The vast majority accept this number as a reference to Ned Kelly, one of Australia’s most noteworthy society saints. However, Kelly had two eyes – something bore witness to by the demise veil taken after his execution. All things considered, this celebrated bingo call alludes to the metal cap that Kelly designed as a component of the stopgap defensive layer his people utilized as assurance in firearm battles. It can likewise be military slang as the game was regularly played in military wreck corridors.

bingo calls

One little duck

This is from the similarity of the number 2 to a duck.

Cup of tea

Since the British are especially partial to tea and simply in light of the fact that it rhymes with three.

Knock at the door

A fast and simple piece of rhyming slang, which rhymes with the number four.

Man Alive, One Little Snake

An outflow of mistrust or suspicion. It is felt that it initially emerged as a nautical cry utilized by mariners to alarm their group individuals when discovering somebody alive in a wreck. Also, it rhymes with five.

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Tom Mix

Tom Mix was America’s first Western Star who showed up in quite a while. He was known for his adrenaline junkie stunts and attractive great looks. Additionally, the slang rhymes with 6, an elective call is likewise about six concerning half of 12, which is a standard dozen.

Lucky seven

Seven has been customarily viewed as a fortunate number. The number 7 is viewed as fortunate in numerous societies, something conceived out of strict conviction and belief. There are 7 days of the week, 7 shades of the rainbow and 7 notes on a melodic scale. Seven is accepted to be fortunate in varying backgrounds. In bingo it implies one square more like a full house.

Garden gate

Rumors from far and wide suggest that the slang was a code for a mysterious gathering or drop off point. Based on the secret message beginnings of U.K. rhymes, it is a reference to a gathering spot or drop-off point for dealers and gangsters. Rhyming slang begins from east London, and was utilized as a secretive language that the specialists couldn’t comprehend – however discovered its direction into bingo corridors on the grounds that numerous individuals from that time and time played bingo. It likewise rhymes with eight.

Doctor’s orders

A slightly more obscure historical reference. During World War II, Number 9 was the name of a pill given out by army doctors to soldiers who were a little bit poorly. This powerful medicine was said to clear the body of all ills! One other story suggests that apparently, 9 pm was when the army medics shut up shop for the night.

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Johnson’s Den

While this number is a rhyme, the epithet changes each time another prime minister is chosen. It rhymes with the number 10, where the British PM lives. Hosts call the genuine name of the current prime minister.

Legs eleven

The number resembles a couple of slim legs. A visual joke, which was generally welcomed with a whistle from the players. Some bingo lobbies see the action as misogynist. A few benefactors have been kicked out from bingo corridors on the off chance that they do a wolf whistle.


One dozen

12 is one dozen.

Unlucky for some

Similarly as number seven is feted as the world’s most fortunate, so the number 13 is viewed as a number stacked with terrible luck, thus Unlucky for Some. Numerous individuals accept that 13 is an unfortunate number. Such can be the dread of the number 13, that it’s anything but a perceived fear. A few inns and carriers even skirt the thirteenth floor or columns to keep away from any apparent misfortune related with that number. It’s anything but an expression that carries satisfaction and piles of money to some playing bingo and dissatisfaction to other people.

Valentine’s Day

As 14th February of each year is Valentine’s Day, thus the slang.

Young and keen

A rhyme

Sweet 16

This is one of the most seasoned bingo calls still in momentum use. It is perhaps the main birthday event for adolescent young ladies. They are not exactly a grown-up, yet not, at this point a child. Although a rhyme, yet in addition a mainstream expression alluding to the alleged last year of honest youth.

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There are many other slangs for almost all the numbers till 100, but it is impossible to cover all of them here. All of the calls are based on either the visual appearance of numbers or on some historical importance.

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