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Everything you should know about Bitcoin Futures ETF



Bitcoin Futures ETF

If you are already investing in bitcoin, you might know about the Bitcoin ETF. The term ETF refers to Exchange Traded Fund. The fund offers people an opportunity to get investment exposure. Thus, you don’t need to purchase bitcoin directly to invest in an ETF. Another essential feature is that they are regulated financial products representing many assets.

You can purchase and sell the ETF shares just like you transact with stocks. But, unlike mutual funds, you can purchase and sell ETF shares anytime you want.

With the coming up of bitcoin future ETF, many investors have a fantastic alternative and opportunity to profit. By investing in an ETF, they don’t have to worry about the price movement related to bitcoin. The bitcoin ETF also comes up with the support of future bitcoin contracts.


Everything you should know with regards to bitcoin futures.

Bitcoin futures are the trading instrument in which both parties agree for a future transaction. As per the agreement, they have to purchase or sell bitcoin on a particular day in the future. Therefore, the agreement was mainly related to trading at the commodity exchange.

In simple terms, you agree to transact in bitcoin at a particular price in the future. Thus, no matter what the price will be in the future, you have to make the transaction. The date on which both parties have to fulfill their obligation is called the contract settlement date.

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Additional details about bitcoin futures:

  • Every contract needs two parties. In the case of bitcoin futures, one party gets an opportunity for profitability. But the other one incurs a loss.
  • The contract for the future also has an expiry date. Thus, investors can sell the contract to the next party before the expiry period ends. However, they also have to wait till the expiry date for the settlement of the agreement.
  • The cost of bitcoin’s future and the market cost of bitcoin can diverge based on the settlements made by future traders. For example, if a larger group of people are making a bet that there will be a rise in the value of bitcoin, the contract value will be automatically higher than the current value of bitcoin. In addition, the reverse can also be true when more traders are making projections about the fall in the value of bitcoin in the future.

The meaning of bitcoin futures ETF

Bitcoin ETF is made to easily track the movement in the price of an underlying asset. Thus, it offers an opportunity to make transactions in assets even without physically owning them. The price of an ETF also correlates with the cost of the asset. The main reason is that investors can easily arbitrage the spread between the ETF and the assets without going too wide.

The same scenario is also applicable to the bitcoin fund, and it also assists in anchoring the value of a bitcoin to the bitcoin stash. Therefore, the investor needs to be sure that they have more than enough bitcoin. This way, they can have the surety of backing up the value of the bitcoin fund.

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Is there any downside to bitcoin’s future ETF?

The most crucial aspect of the bitcoin future ETF is the accuracy of the price tracker. In case the price rises more than the spot price, we can assume that the ETF is not tracking the price of bitcoin accurately. The situation is called Contango. This situation is great for investors who are holding the future bitcoin ETF. The opposite of the condition is named backwardation. In this case, the future price of bitcoin is less than its spot price.

When the bitcoin future contract expires, the company that issues the ETF has to roll up the contract again. The process is called the renewal of a contract. They do so by selling the expired ones and then using the same revenue to purchase new contracts with a further expiration date.

We are highly hopeful that this article will help you understand everything about bitcoin ETF so that you can have the possibility to make a wise investment decision. The Bitcoin ETF is undoubtedly moving in the right direction as many investors feel that their investment will be linked to an asset. If you are interested, you can now invest https:/

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