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What do You need To Know About Bitcoin Private (BTCP)?



Bitcoin Private

The term cryptocurrency is one of the hottest concepts in the entire digital market worldwide. A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency which can be used as an alternative to fiat currency. The introduction of cryptocurrency has led to a significant change in digital currencies. To attain more information about BTCP, visit As the popularity of cryptocurrency increases, people worldwide are willing to invest their money in these virtual tokens. However, you might know that crypto tokens don’t have any physical existence.

According to the Indian government, cryptocurrency is a nan-tangible asset that people can also use for numerous other purposes. The popularity of cryptocurrency is not only limited to any particular region because people all over the world are investing in virtual tokens. According to some crypto experts, these virtual tokens are still in the stage of development, and the final result will be more fruitful.

Since people in the digital market introduced this concept, thousands of crypto tokens have been created by developers. Still, bitcoin always remains at the top in terms of popularity. Based on its design, the maximum supply of BTC can be approximately 21 million tokens. So, they have successfully introduced the concept of bitcoin private in the market to overcome this problem. Some of the basic knowledge about BTCP will be discussed by people in this article.


Key terms

The creation of BTCP (bitcoin private) refers to the combination of both BTC (bitcoin) and ZCL (ZClassic). The foremost model of BTCP was introduced in 2018 by Rhett Creighton (founder of ZClassic).

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The primary motive for creating BTCP (bitcoin private) is to combine the richness of privacy (ZClassic) with the flexibility and security of BTC.

These BTCP tokens are not available for public use because they are still under development. Developers had not announced any official launching date.

Basic about BTCP

The most prominent factor that makes it unique from BTC and other cryptocurrencies is that BTCP has not been created using a standard blockchain. Instead, the concept of BTCP (bitcoin private) is based on the technology called fork-merge because it consists of the features of both blockchains (BTC and ZLC). The combining elements of both BTC and ZLC have led to the development of a new blockchain network known as BTCP. In simple terms, the addresses and amounts of both virtual currencies are combined.

Based on the white paper model of bitcoin private, you can know the two primary objectives of BTCP: to make transactions transparent and shielded in terms of security. Same as Bitcoin, in BTCP, all the transactions are recorded in the blockchain, which is genuinely impossible to hack. You might be familiar with that bitcoin private is not the initial attempt to recreate the bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrency networks.

It is one of the thousands of unsuccessful tries that has become nearly too successful. According to the market network strategy of BTCP, they will release 20.3 million tokens as pre-mined in the market, and the rest 700,000 coins will remain on the mining network (which means you can mine the rest of 700,000 tickets).

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Bitcoin private VS bitcoin

As bitcoin is not the foremost but most successful attempt to create crypto tokens. At present, people worldwide are investing in bitcoin because of the amount of return they are offering to their investors. However, initially, at the time of its launch, only a few people knew about the concept of BTC or cryptocurrency, which led to making the block time faster.

As the popularity of bitcoin is increasing, the size of the block is also growing, which leads to slow clock speed (time taken to create a new partnership). Furthermore, due to the incline in the general public’s interest in BTC, the number of transactions is also inclining, which led to a significant jump in transaction fees. To solve all these complications, the concept of BTCP has been introduced in which you will be able to create a new block in just 2.3 minutes with the size of approximately 2 megabytes.

Goals of BTC

At the launching time of bitcoin private, it had placed under the category of top 50 digital tokens in terms of market capitalization. At that time, the market cap of BTCP was approximately 550 million US dollars. As mentioned earlier that BTCP about 96% of BTCP remains pre-mined, and the rest of 4% can be mined by miners. The final result of BTCP will be displayed by their developers soon.

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