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Blu of Earth (Charlotte Brereton): A Rising Star in the World of Podcasting and Art



Blu of Earth

Early Life of Blu of Earth (Charlotte Brereton)

Birth and Upbringing

Born as Charlotte Brereton on November 9th, 1990, the lady now known as Blu of Earth hails from the United States. Not much is known about her early years as she is relatively private about her personal life.

Education and Interests

Information about Blu’s formal education isn’t public knowledge. However, given her evident intellectual curiosity, it’s clear that she is self-educated in many areas of her interest.

Journey into Podcasting

DeJa Blu Podcast

Blu of Earth shot to prominence with her DeJa Blu podcast. She skillfully curated the content, which resonated with many listeners worldwide. The podcast serves as a reservoir of consciousness catering to individuals seeking purity, relief, and love.

Expanding Her Reach

With every episode, the DeJa Blu podcast expands its reach, helping Blu establish a firm footing in the podcasting landscape. Her interviews with renowned personalities have helped diversify her audience base.

Artistic Endeavours

Co-Founder of Florescence

In addition to her podcasting, Blu co-founded Florescence, a modern mystery school for women. Through this, she aims to help women rediscover, reclaim, and rebuild themselves, emphasizing authenticity and self-love.

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Contribution to Music

Blu’s artistic reach extends to music, where she has released a few soul-stirring songs. Her musical expressions serve as another layer of connection with her audience.

Social Media Influence

Instagram: A Platform for Connection

Blu has over 100k followers on Instagram, where she frequently shares motivational messages and spiritual devotions. Her Instagram account reflects her personality, creativity, and depth, offering a glimpse into her world.

Influence and Impact

As a social media influencer, Blu uses her platform to inspire and motivate her followers. Her unique blend of spirituality, art, and wisdom sets her apart from typical influencers.

Personal Life

The Relationship with Aaron Rodgers

Blu of Earth recently sparked headlines due to her rumored relationship with American football star Aaron Rodgers. The couple has yet to confirm these rumors.

Spirituality and Personal Beliefs

A significant aspect of Blu’s identity is her spirituality. As a self-proclaimed medicine woman, she has a deep connection with the Earth and a profound understanding of spiritual practices.

Net Worth and Achievements

Financial Growth

Blu of Earth’s estimated net worth falls between $1 million to $2 million. Her income is primarily sourced from her work as a podcaster, musician, and social media influencer.

Achievements and Recognition

While Blu may not have numerous awards or traditional recognitions, her real success lies in her positive impact on her followers and the connections she has fostered throughout her career.


Blu of Earth, also known as Charlotte Brereton, is more than just a rising star in podcasting and art. She is a guiding light, a beacon of hope, and a powerful influence in a world craving authenticity, wisdom, and soulful connections. Her journey is a testament to the power of passion, creativity, and authenticity in creating a fulfilling life.

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  • What is Blu of Earth’s real name?

Her real name is Charlotte Brereton.

  • What is the DeJa Blu Podcast?

It’s a podcast hosted by Blu of Earth, offering a reservoir of consciousness for individuals seeking purity, relief, and love.

  • Who is Blu of Earth rumored to be dating?

She’s rumored to be in a relationship with American football star, Aaron Rodgers.

  • What is Blu of Earth’s estimated net worth?

Her estimated net worth is between $1 million to $2 million.

  • What is Florescence?

Florescence is a modern mystery school for women co-founded by Blu of Earth, focusing on helping women rediscover, reclaim, and rebuild themselves.

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