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Budget Garden Decking Ideas to Recreate Your Outdoor Space



Garden Decking Ideas

Building an attractive and practical deck is a fantastic addition to any home or building. It is a great landscaping option for outdoor spaces of any size, and it helps to create additional living space to enjoy socialising, relaxing, and anything you choose to throw at it.

They’re rather flexible features, too and can build on pretty much any slope of ground – so you don’t have to worry about wasting space.

Deckings are ideal for zoning in large gardens but also great for smaller spaces to help make a space that feels outdoorsy amidst a busy city area. A good deck can fit into any aesthetic and theme with many different modern styles and material choices.

If you have the budget, things like hot tubs and swimming pools can be incorporated. Sold? Read on as this guide uncovers all the essentials you should know before buying a deck.


Sourcing Materials

Regardless of what materials or style you choose, you need to source the materials from a reputable supplier, ideally somewhere specialising in decking, like MGM Timber.

Sourcing a supplier that cares about where their materials come from already puts you in the right direction, so be sure to take care when choosing where you buy your materials.

Decking Formats

Typically, when it comes to planning a decking, there is a choice of two decking formats you need to consider – decking boards and tiles. Like most things in construction, they have pros and cons that you need to consider.

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Decking boards are perfect for those decks that extend from an outdoor living space and give off that traditional decking look. They tend to suit all types of projects, especially bigger or more complex decking that requires raised or larger decks.

Boards come in all kinds of colours and finishes for you to choose from, so they can fit into most styles. The authentic timber look also helps to add extra value to your home.

On the contrary, decking tiles are ideal for smaller decking areas such as balconies and pathways. They are similar to boards, except they are much smaller and easier to install. Due to their quick and easy installation, they can help give your garden a quick makeover without needing joists, anchors, or even professional help.

Types of Decking

Timber Deck Boards

If you’re looking for a classic decking look, you may want to choose timber decking. Primarily made from kiln-dried softwood, timber is used to ensure that all excess moisture is removed evenly to prevent shrinking and warping in the wood. It’s also treated to protect against fungal decay and insect attacks.

Timber decking has many benefits, including different colours, finishes, thicknesses and sizes. So, if you’re going for the look of hardwood, check out a darker brown shade decking. And for more robust options, opt for a thicker style of decking board.

Layered Timber Deck Boards

Standard timber deck boards can often be very slippery in wet and icy weather conditions; if you wish to avoid that, you may want to upgrade to layered timber deck boards.

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Layered timber deck boards provide more grip and a surface to give you that extra bit of comfortability and protection against slipping. They are especially important around water areas like a pool or hot tub.

If you wish to go the extra mile against slippage, anti-slip inserts can be cut and sized into the existing timber decking.

Composite Deck Boards

If you’re looking for a long-lasting material that is also better for the environment, composite decking is for you.

Made from 95% recycled materials (a mixture of plastic and wood chips from old furniture), its advanced design ensures no warping, splintering, splitting, distorting, or rotting over time – so you get your money’s worth.

Better yet, they also come in various finishes and require little to no maintenance work; wash them with soap and water now and again.


Before investing in any kind of decking, you should always consider the maintenance work that comes alongside it. You can use a chemical formula that quickly gets to work and requires little effort. These chemical solutions can be very damaging to nearby plants and vegetation, so be sure to cover them up before applying anything.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use chemicals, a pressure washer, stiff wire brush, and some elbow grease will be enough to scrape off that accumulated dirt and grunge. However, if you’re dealing with mould, it is not recommended to use this method as it can make things worse.

To Conclude

Any kind of garden decking is enough to add a bit of flair to any outdoor space, whether big or small or composite or real wood. Whatever you choose to work with will certainly give your garden a much-needed refresh.

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As always, do your research and consult with the experts needed to achieve the very best results.

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