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Carbimazole: A Drug For The Treatment Of An Overactive Thyroid Gland




Carbimazole 5mg (Neo-mercazole) is a medicine used to reduce the production of thyroid hormones when it is hyperactive (hyperthyroidism). This illness, also called diffuse toxic goiter, is one of the common diseases of the thyroid gland (TG), which occurs on average in 1–2% of the population. The peak incidence is observed in the age range of 20–40 years; women get sick about 7–10 times more often than men. The primary goal of treating hyperthyroidism is to achieve an euthyroid state and stop its cardiovascular manifestations. Currently, there are three methods to treat hyperthyroidism: conservative (thyreostatics – carbimazole 5mg and symptomatic agents), surgical, and radioactive iodine therapy.


Why is carbimazole 5mg so effective?

In European countries, thyreostatics are recommended as first-line therapy. According to the European Thyroid Association, antithyroid drugs are prescribed in 84% of cases. The choice in favour of thyrostatic therapy in European countries is due to the fact that it allows achieving remission with a significantly lower risk of developing hypothyroidism. The generally accepted indication for the appointment of conservative treatment are two clinical situations:

  • as a basic long-term course of treatment for 12–18 months (higher efficacy can be expected in individuals with a moderate increase in thyroid volume);
  • to achieve euthyroidism before surgical treatment and radioiodine therapy.

For many decades, thionamides, such as carbimazole 5mg (Neo-mercazole), have been used as the main thyrostatic drugs in clinical practice all over the world. The mechanism of action of these drugs is to suppress the action of thyroid peroxidase, iodine oxidation, thyroglobulin iodination and iodotyrosine condensation. In other words, they block the production of thyroid hormones, which makes it possible to correct thyroid hyperfunction, regardless of its etiology. In the UK, Australia, New Zealand and a number of other countries, carbimazole is the drug of first choice among thyreostatics. Today carbimazole capsules are available in a pharmacy in Sydney. This medicine is often preferred because of the convenience of its use – only once a day, which significantly increases compliance.

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Pharmacy in Sydney: Features of carbimazole use

At the beginning of treatment, the dose of carbimazole 5mg is 20-40 mg. The dose is titrated depending on the severity of the illness. Further treatment is carried out in one of two ways. In the first case, after reaching the euthyroid state, the dose of the drug can be reduced to a maintenance dose of 5–15 mg per day. In children, the duration of thyrostatic therapy may be more than 2 years. This regimen recommends continuous monitoring of thyroid function with appropriate dose adjustments to maintain a euthyroid state. In this case, the patient continues to take the dose of thyrostatic, which ensures the achievement of an euthyroid state (15–20 mg per day).

Carbimazole 5mg (Neo-mercazole) is an inactive compound, but after absorption, it is completely converted into an active form and has a proper therapeutic effect. In Australia, carbimazole is the only currently recommended representative of the thioamide group included in the protocols for the treatment of hyperthyroidism. Thus, the presented positive aspects of the action of carbimazole allow pharmacy Sydney to recommend it for widespread use in patients with thyrotoxicosis syndrome.

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