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Is the Online Casino Industry an Untapped Market for Celebrities?



Online Casino
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In the internet age, anyone can easily get famous using the variety of platforms at their disposal. This makes it even more important for established celebrities to ensure that they stay in the limelight in as many ways as possible.
Social media has been a revelation for making people famous, but these sites are now getting saturated. The online casino sector could represent an untapped market for celebrities and influencers to break into. This could also give them a stepping stone to build on when Web3 comes to fruition.

Branded Games Can Increase Exposure

The online casino industry has always offered ways for brands to get more exposure, with many films and television shows often branching out into slots. This works because it makes more people aware of the IP and taps into a market that it may not have been able to break into before.

This can work with people as well, with the Ruby Walsh slot acting as a prime example. Horse racing is popular in the gambling industry, and Walsh is one of the most famous jockeys on the planet. The Ruby Walsh Champions Gold slot game will appeal to people who know about the horse rider, but it could also influence players to find out more about him.

It seems strange that celebrities haven’t broken into the booming slots market to increase their publicity before. After all, these games attract millions of players around the world, and a branded slot can be an amazing way to boost awareness. The online casino sector is clearly an untapped virtual land for these people, and those who get into it first could benefit massively. There’s a chance that this industry could one day get saturated with celebrity brands, so now could be the best time to reap the biggest rewards.

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Maintaining Relevance in Web3

The online casino industry isn’t the only way that celebrities should be thinking about expanding their reach. Web3 is on the way, and it could completely change the way people spend their time online. It will bring about new forms of entertainment, and the people who spot early trends first could capitalize.

One of the biggest developments in Web3 will be in virtual reality, and increased digital metaverses. Mark Zuckerberg expects users to be spending most of their time in his metaverse, meaning there will be plenty of ways for celebrities to get in front of these people throughout the day. It’s hard to imagine how this could happen, but it could involve virtual billboards in everyday settings, or talking holograms that appear in the VR world in the same way that adverts pop up on the current version of the internet.

Another Web3 development that some celebrities have tried to jump on already is the cryptocurrency industry. Various celebrities including athletes, musicians, and socialites have all released successful NFTs, and there could be a surge in this activity over the next few years.

There’s no doubt that people who want to stay famous should be looking at ways to enhance their image, with the online casino market offering an excellent way to do so. This is just one area that celebrities should investigate to benefit from the rise of Web3.

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