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The Changing Roles of Spinning Wheels in Casinos



Spinning Wheels in Casinos
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Wheels have always played a huge part in games of chance. Watching a dealer spin a huge wheel with prize segments on it and waiting for it to come to a halt is one of the most exciting moments in any casino. With some reports that land-based casinos in Las Vegas are removing their big wheels to replace them with lower maintenance games, in what other ways are these objects now used in games of chance?

Live-Streamed Game Shows Are Big News

The type of big wheel game that’s no longer as commonplace in Vegas as it used to be can still be played in a different kind of setting. That’s because this popular way of gambling is ideally suited to the new generation of online live dealer games. Known as live game shows, the category including these games has a presenter who explains the action while spinning the wheel and calling out the results in real time.

Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland is a good example of this type of wheel-based game with an attractive studio design and lively presenter. Created by Playtech, it has a wheel divided into winning numbers and bonus symbols on the different segments Magic Dice and Wonder Spins are the bonus games that can be triggered when the wheel stops on these segments. Crazy Time Live and Funky Time Live also use a big wheel as part of the gameplay.

Roulette Remains Popular

It’s easy to forget that roulette has been around for several centuries as a classic wheel game that players still love. Some sources suggest that it was created in the 17th century, as a mixture of an earlier gambling game and the search for a perpetual motion machine like the type described on The Royal Society website. However it started, the roulette wheel proved to be a massive success in the earlier casinos.

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These days, the game can be played in several ways. Just like those big wheel games mentioned earlier, roulette has moved online and can be found in live-streamed versions. These games often add in new features like multipliers or are set in themed studios where the dealer is dressed to match the background design.


Image Source: Pexels

Wheel of Fortune Slots

The idea of the wheel of fortune is deeply ingrained in popular culture, so it’s no surprise to see that it’s now included in some themed slots. This market has grown impressively in recent years, with new slots being released regularly, featuring different themes and matching symbols.

Titles such as Wheel O’ Gold, Big Wheel Bonus, and Grand Wheel show us various ways that wheels have been added to the basic slot mechanism. The wheels are often used as part of a bonus round and spinning them is sometimes the decisive moment when a player sees if they win the jackpot prize.

Expect to see big wheels used in many different casino games. However, how they’re used is likely to change as new technology and concepts are added to them.

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