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What to do Right After a Denver Car Accident



Denver Car Accident

Car accidents in Denver and elsewhere don’t usually come with much of a warning, if at all. Suddenly, there is an impact, physics takes over, and damage ensues. If a driver and passenger are lucky, the vehicle frame does its job and protects from the impact energy causing it to crumple inward. That said, cuts, bruises, lacerations and exposure injuries can all still occur. And, in the worst car accidents, fatalities are possible, even with today’s safety technology and car safety in design.

Focus on Medical Help First, Always

For a car driver involved, the first few seconds and minutes can be sheer confusion. The brain is trying to catch up with what just happened, the body is immediately trying to protect itself, and people are usually coming close to try to help. The most immediate focus is to assess your own condition and what’s injured if you can figure it out. Then, if needed, getting medical assistance is next.

Even if an injury is not visible, internal injuries and concussions are highly likely, so don’t turn down any kind of medical evaluation on the scene or immediately afterward. Due to shock, many injuries won’t become known until hours later as the body’s cortisol level decreases and repair starts to take effect with swelling, stiffness, pain and an inability to move easily.

Severe headaches, dizziness, nausea and neck pain can all be immediate or later signs of a concussion, which should be taken very seriously. Definitely have yourself reviewed by a doctor if there was even a chance of a head injury or impact in the accident.

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With Only Light Injuries or Shaken Up, Start Recording

If you are lucky enough to not be seriously injured, you can move around, and you have access to your phone or notepad, then it’s time to record and jot down as much as possible. Don’t worry about trying to remember everything. Just record and track as much as you can about location, license plates, what’s around you, the street names and so on. The more you’re able to collect, the better you will be later explaining your view of what happened.

At the same time, you want to have a police officer present, especially if there are people hurt and damage. An officer’s record will easily have greater weight later on over anyone else’s observation or memory, so it’s essential to have an officer present if possible. Simply calling 911 and having the police or emergency dispatch become aware of the need is enough. An officer will respond and then record everything involved.

Call your Insurance Carrier

If you are able to talk comfortably, it’s time to call your insurance provider if you can. If they are local, they may even try to get a representative out to the scene to take photographs while the accident is still being reviewed and eventually cleaned up. The photographs can be incredibly valuable. Even if not, discussing right away what happened, your coverage information and any identifying details from other cars and drivers involved is important.

Avoid Early Settlements

Once in recovery mode the next day or next few days, you may be contacted directly by the other drivers’ insurance providers looking to settle the matter right away. Do not accept these offers. They are intended to close the matter quickly at the lowest cost possible. However, especially with injuries, you may have additional injuries or property lost that go well beyond the initial offers. Settling early means you have effectively closed off any possibility to get these benefits later.

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Obtain Representation Early

The sooner you have a Denver car accident attorney involved in your accident, the sooner he or she can bring together all the relevant information that helps your case and protects your right to recovery. An attorney will work right away to confirm all the responsible parties involved and how to engage with their coverage and provide you with the means by which to get back to normal again. That includes both your health, short-term and long-term, as well as property loss. A Denver vehicle attorney can proactively represent your claim and, if need be, pursue your case forward into court as well. There’s no need for you to struggle with trying to recover alone.

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