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How Disability Law Services Help You Win the Insurance Claim



Disability Law Services

No one gets sick by choice and being disabled for a long time is a real pain. People get themselves registered in insurance companies for uncertain situations. However, the insurance companies can approve or reject the claim anytime. Companies usually send a representative who analyzes the client’s situation and then the decision is made accordingly.

As per the law, a client has the right to file a case against the insurance company if he feels that disability insurance rejection is unfair. Well, certain steps can help you win the case. So, let’s just ponder what you really need to do:


Get the Consultation First

It is mandatory to know the facts of this field because preparation is mandatory to win the case. You should prefer to get the consultation from the attorney. The best way is to find the list of top insurance lawyers on the internet and then, you can approach any one of them who has a remarkable reputation in the industry. The expert will let you know the facts that support your claim and he will guide you regarding the other side of the case as well.

Attorneys Get Paid on Contingent Fee Basis

The advantage of hiring disability insurance lawyers is that they get paid on a contingent fee basis which means that you’ll have to pay the fee only if you win the case. This is the best thing about disability law services and you can get free of cost consultation as well. Disabled persons usually do not have enough money and they hold back the decision of hiring a lawyer but contingent fee payment encourages them to fight the case in court.

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Attorneys File the Case with Full Preparation

Disabled persons already suffer from depression, anxiety, and poverty. Lawyers understand the condition of their clients and they make sure to file a case in the court with full groundwork. For this purpose, they obtain relevant evidence like testimonials from doctors and residual functional capacity form (RFC). Lawyers document worsening medical conditions of the client because such things support the case in the court.

Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety are diseases that insurance companies do not bother about. However, this type of illness can make anyone sit home and the person might not be able to go out and work. The disability insurance lawyers do understand such problems in detail and prepare a medical file of the client with the help of concerned doctors.

They Schedule a Hearing

The concerned lawyers schedule a hearing with the administrative law judges. The ALJs hear the case if it is previously denied.  Reconsiderations demand you to file the case with extra homework. SSA reviews the entire case however the reconsideration case should be filed within 60 days of the previous denial.

Lawyers Convince the Judges that the Client has a Genuine Need

There is no doubt that the case requires evidence to convince the judge that the client has a genuine need for the insurance claim. The insurance companies suggest clients work somewhere else even if they are disabled and such unfair denial can be filed for reconsideration. However, it may require financial history, a list of current expenditures, social responsibilities, medical treatment, and the mortgage overdue amount.

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When a lawyer supports a case with relevant facts and figures, the chances of denial get reduced. In short, you can trust the attorney for refiling a disability insurance case. The above-mentioned facts reveal the importance of hiring a lawyer so make sure that you choose the one with an excellent reputation in the industry.

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