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The Most Useful Life Skills for Every Teenager



Life Skills for Every Teenager

If you’re a parent to a teenager, you’ll know the struggles.

School or college takes up most of their time, yet even when they’re free, they’re hard to get hold of. Between lessons, they might feel frustrated or wish they could be doing something else – or even feel uncertain about the future.

During these formative years, it’s important to help your teenager explore ideas and concepts outside of what they learn at school. Learning new skills together gives you valuable time together too, so it’s worth finding out about a few different things worth covering.

Four life skills to teach your teen

  1. Money management

From effective budgeting to knowing the purpose of different bank account types, there are so many niche areas of money management that your child won’t learn in school. Taking the time to teach your teenager how to shop savvy and organise their money could help them feel confident about finance in the future.

When banking feels like stepping into the unknown, it’s much easier to struggle with debt and money. Teaching your teenager the essentials of money management will give them the ability they need to succeed, especially since financial literacy is more valuable than mathematical skill in the real world.

  1. Learning to drive

Even if you’re not a driver yourself, supporting your teenager through learning to drive will give them even more independence. You could support your child by covering the cost of some of their lessons, helping them study for the theory test, or simply providing moral support.

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You don’t need to take the place of a driving instructor yourself, but supervising your teen while they learn to drive in your car could save both of you a lot of money. In that case, choosing short-term car insurance could give you both peace of mind while your teenager learns how to drive.

  1. Goal setting

No matter their interests, helping your teenager set achievable goals could help them develop their personal and practical skills. Furthermore, when teens know how to use their ambition and turn it into genuine results, they naturally become more motivated. Through goal setting, encouragement, and supporting their achievements, we can help our teenagers turn into well-rounded adults.

  1. Emotional vulnerability

Many teenagers find it hard to talk about their problems, so you might not be aware of anything untoward. Even though the current mental health crisis is well known, authorities still fail to provide sufficient support. It’s estimated that 250,000 children with mental health problems in the UK have been denied help by the NHS.

The teenage years can be filled with tough times, so your children need to know that you’re there for them. Don’t withhold their personal space but try to recognise when they’re facing issues that need to be referred to the professionals. And as a parent or guardian, you should never hide your feelings. Instead promote honesty, vulnerability, and communication.


Remember, everyone learns and develops at a different pace, regardless of their age.

If you’re worried about your child or a teenager you know who doesn’t seem as cheerful as usual, being concerned is understandable. Remember that free and confidential help for teenagers and young adults is available through the NHS and other professional support networks near you.

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