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Top ETC Mining Pools 2022



ETC Mining Pools

When you are looking for a great way to invest your money, you will definitely hear about the ETC mining pool. And that is not a surprise that Ethereum Classic became really demanded by many people now. But they still might find it hard to find a proper ETC pool for them.

You don’t know what the pools are? Well, that is not an issue! In this article, we will not only explain the main points of working with mining pools, and their main advantages but will show you the most popular mining pools, that will help you significantly increase your income.

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Mining Pool: What Are The Main Points Of It?

A mining pool ETC might look really familiar to many people. Talking simply, this is a community of people who decide to combine all the resources they have to get more coin rewards. However, there are some nuances you should know about.

First of all, mining pools require you to invest. Some of them would be for people who want to buy a farm, while the others come as a nice option to invest in cloud mining.

Moreover, there are different payment methods. Some companies will pay you only part of the mined coin, others will give you daily rewards, based on how high your hash rate is, while third ones would combine both methods and create the best conditions for working.

The mining pool is not something that has a lot of benefits for a lot of people there. No. The number of active miners will only show you how reliable and trustworthy the service is.

So now, let’s talk about the best ETC mining pool services for people and see their main advantages.

Best mining pools for ETC

First things first, looking through this top you can see, that services are extremely different. This is because they are the best of the best, and it is hard to find one, that will fulfill all the demands of modern users trying to find an Ethereum classic mining pool.

However, in our shortlist, you will have an option to see the best pools to choose from for your personal needs. Let’s start!

#1. Antpool

Antpool is one of the most famous pools in modern mining history. Even the name reminds of ants workers who gladly spend their time to make provide their queen with a great income. However, there is no queen. All the users get their cut.

First of all, we can see the variety of currencies here. For this reason, everyone will find the best options for them. And that is good. Of course, we are mainly interested in ETC mining pools and they are present here.

The service also provides different payment methods, that include classical Pay Per Share+ and PPLNS. Pretty good for the ones who want to get the maximum for their currency. However, mining ETC, you will only get the regular PPS which might be not that convenient, even though the currency doesn’t have the highest difficulty.

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The minimum ETC payment is 0.2, which is pretty OK. However, such limits can be not that suitable for people who want to get the most income for the lowest price.

#2. Hiveon

Hiveon comes as a great alternative for the ones who are tired of only finding Bitcoin or regular Ethereum classic pools. The main focus here is the ETC pool which is also great.

First of all, the hash rate is higher than 17 TH/s, which is great for mining ETC. Even more than enough to cover the difficulty of the currency. However, the main advantage for ETC miners here is the payment system. You don’t have to wait for the required amount of money to appear in your account. Here, you get a daily income which is $30 for 100 MH/s you provide in the pool. The stronger your technical side, the more money you get, everything is simple.

And don’t worry, you are still having an option to receive your part of the cake, due to the PPS+ payment model. You are getting not only a stable payment daily but have an opportunity to receive part of the mined token, which depends on how many shares you delivered in the ETC pool.

Combined with the convenient services even for novice miners, Hiveon becomes a great solution for ETC mining.

#3. Binance Pool

A Binance pool is an option to implement all the currency you have mined into a really profitable investment. However, this mining pool is also important for the ones who want to receive the best mining conditions without any issues. Ethereum mining is an option here, and Binance can give you really profitable features, such as:

  • Option to switch different mining methods. You don’t have to completely change your setup, because you are able to complete the procedure in a couple of clicks.
  • Daily payments for everyone come as a nice option.
  • A lot of manuals and tutorials for all people.

Users can also use different payment methods, such as PPS+ and regular PPS. But the 2.5% fee might be a real pain for the ones, whose income is not that high.

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#4. ViaBTC

Taking about ViaBTC, we cannot ignore the fact that this service is one of the biggest in the current mining pool market. That is because many users do trust this service.

And that is not a surprise that nearly 16.5k active users make this platform really reliable for all the people. And the advantages of it are great.

The option to mine using your own physical resources is great, but it might be rather expensive. So ViaBTC mining pool gives you an opportunity to use their cloud hash rates to start mining. Their hash rate is astonishing, and the overall rate of this pool is higher than 20000 PH/s. It is hard to even imagine this number.

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Also, there are wallets and pools for different currencies that are really effective, and you are able to exchange them whenever you want to.

Available payments are PPLNS and PPS+ which is also good for the ones who want to get the maximum for their investments.

But the commissions are also present. This way, you will have to pay about 4% for the PPS+, and 2% for the PPLNS, that is not a large number, but still might be not that comfortable for other members.

#5. SlushPool

Even though SlushPool remains one of the oldest mining pools, it is still fresh and welcomes new users. This is a great platform that provides you with its own OS. That is a great deal due to the fact you can simply save some money and time by using it.

Mining options here are also fine. Though the main focus is on Bitcoin, the most popular, the opportunity to mine Ethereum Classic is also present.

The algorithm of work is also simple. You just have to choose the coin you would like to mine, and connect the resources you got to the pool itself.

While doing that, you are able to use their application to monitor all the activity on the resource and get more detailed information about the current mining process.

The payment method here is Score one. This might look complicated for users, but it is really common to the PPLNS. This method has more calculations and includes the periods when your mining farm stops. Easy enough for people.

And by using their OS, you are paying no fees, which is also a great option.

#6. Pool

Though the name of this pool might tell that it is focused on Bitcoin only, that is a mistake. is a classical pool that gives you an opportunity to join the ETC mining pool. But what about their services?

First, they are easy to start with. You can easily connect your resources to the current server to attend the pool. Pretty simple. One more advantage is that you can monitor everything with only your mobile app.

However, when we take a closer look at Ethereum Classic, we can see, that it is a PPLNS system, that might be not that comfortable for common users. In fact, there is always a chance that the block will not be mined, and you will only waste your time. Pretty sad.

What is more, the service takes at least 1.5% of the fee, which also sounds not that fine. But it is still a reliable platform with a lot of active users and high hash-rate for mining ETC.

#7. Genesis Mining

Genesis mining is something different on this list. It is fully focused on cloud mining, which is a great option. This way, you don’t have to worry about your equipment.

And the very first advantage is obvious. You save a lot of time and energy. All you have to do is to buy a package. No more actions are required. You don’t have to worry about wearing off, about energy costs, or about your time. The system will do everything itself.

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And don’t think that cloud hosting is not reliable. It surely is! And it gives you a stable connection for mining all the currencies you want. Paying only $200, you have an opportunity to mine the currencies you want to, including ETC. You get 15 TH/s which is more than enough to receive the best part of the mined token.

#8. Poolin

Poolin is a nice platform for ETC mining. In fact, it looks towards Bitcoin, but Ethereum Classic has a chance to be one of the 10 other currencies in this pool.

The website is nothing but a classic in the mining community. It gathered a lot of people who attend different ETC pools using their computing resources. And it is still easy to be joined.

Moreover, the mobile application will help you with constant monitoring, so your work will be smooth, simple, and fully under your control.

What about ETC? Everything is fine here. You are getting the PPS+ payment method, which is good for all users, and you are getting paid daily. But you will not be able to withdraw less than 0.2 ETC, that might be sad.

#9. Bitfury Pool

Bitfury is a huge mining center, that is focused on the creation of convenient cooperation with other users. All-sized companies can join this project to start mining without much effort and with a great income.

Of course, you can use their regular mining center, which is nice. You just use it and forget about them getting your profit. On the other hand, there is still an option to buy their portable miner, which comes with an application to control everything. Also convenient enough.

How does it work? Everything is simple. You just have to invest in their program, which would be a direct investment in the services they provide. But you can use even other options to start mining.

What you need to know is that you cannot use them from the start, so you will have to buy 350 units the company sells.

And when telling about their efficiency, we can claim that they are. But that is not the regular Ethereum classic mining pool that you expect. This is more like an investment option where a mined currency is used as the main tool to pay money.

What Is The Main Point Of Choosing The Best Platform?

Choosing the best ETC mining pool is essential. The only way to get income from mining is to find the best space for working properly. However, the variety is astonishing.

You can face hundreds of different services that provide you with high-class mining pools and different conditions of working. And this choice is really hard.

If you want to focus on mining ETC with great efficiency and income, you should pay more attention to the services that pay more attention to this currency.

But the best way to improve your mining experience is to use the reliable service you find the most comfortable for you. Only this way your income will raise.

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