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The Delights Of Pattaya




Pattaya is one of Thailand’s seaside gems, another example of a sleepy seaside fishing village evolving into a bustling tropical tourist town dedicated to fun and relaxation. This transformation began when US servicemen began to visit on furlough from the Vietnam War, they went home with tales of a bucolic paradise by the waves and could hardly wait to get back there again! This planted the seed, and Pattaya began to grow into the premiere holiday destination it is today, visited by more than 3 million travellers a year!

Pattaya is the perfect place for a holiday because there is something to interest everyone’s unique tastes! You can lounge by the pool at your luxury resort in Pattaya, or you can hit the entertainment district for some wild nightlife, meditate at a peaceful temple, or shop until you drop in the town’s world-class department stores! Here are just two of Pattaya’s attractions to whet your appetite, there are so many it’s impossible to cover them all, so these are our favourites for today!

Hat Nang Ram, The Beach of the Dancing Girl – Some have described this beach as the pearl on Pattaya’s necklace. Hidden away among Thai naval bases, a short taxi ride will bring you to this pristine stretch of porcelain white sand and clear sapphire waters backed by native pines. The beach has a kind of nostalgia factor in that the warships anchored nearby make one feel as if you have stepped back into the wartime era, but you will feel secure in the knowledge that peace now reigns. Musical buffs will find themselves singing Bali Hai as they wander the beach and take a dip in the inviting seas. Spread out your beach towel and work on your tan, welcome to Paradise Found!

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Thai Massage – If you try it once you will find yourself coming back again and again, it feels so delightful! Stroll along pleasant Beach Road to find rows of massage parlours, whose dedicated masseuses are always eager to work the knots out of your back and make you feel like a million bucks! The foot massage is something that simply cannot be described, it feels so good, especially after a busy day of touring about town! The massage sessions run from 15 minutes to an hour or more if desired, and are quite inexpensive considering the high level of relaxation they bring to you. You can have a massage for just your head and shoulders if you wish, or go for the full body massage, which we highly recommend, except you should be warned you will like a jellyfish for a while after all the stress has been squeezed out of you! Once you have experienced Thai massage in Pattaya you will wonder how you ever lived so long without it!

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has a bunch more things to see and do in Pattaya that we don’t have space to share with you here, so check them out for the low down on everything that’s happening in our favourite city by the sea! We hope to see you in Pattaya soon!

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