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Now You Can Extend The Life Of Your Floor Scrubber In Few Easy Steps



Floor Scrubber

Imagine the horror of your brush pads succumbing minutes before you go to the customer’s location! 

No one would love such unpleasant surprises. But without regular maintenance, there is a possibility that your machine can succumb. 

While cleaning is the last thing on your to-do list while working, it is extremely crucial.

In this blog, we will look into various ways you can maintain a floor scrubber. Let’s get started.


Clean Your Machine Regularly

The first rule of maintenance of a machine is to not be lazy around cleaning.

Don’t avoid -try to make it a habit to service your machine regularly. 

This way, you can avoid any damage from compounding.

Remember that if you clean your machine after every use, you will spend a little time out of action and out of work because of failed equipment.

If you’re confused about the cleaning frequency of your machines, you can check the manual of the device and stick to it. 

We even recommend you to increase the frequency however you should and decrease it.

If your manual doesn’t mention the frequency, you can talk to industry experts you bought the machine from; they can completely help you.

After work, everyone gets tired; however, the few minutes you spend cleaning the pieces save you a lot of money later on.

Servicing your equipment is also very important. When sometimes minor fails or issues happen, you should get it inspected as soon as possible. 

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Regular inspections and repairs will ensure that the inner working functions run as smoothly as butter. This, too, will aid in extending the machine’s life and lowering its overall cost.

Ensure That Each Component Is Clean

We must clean the floor scrubber from top to bottom. Please make certain that each component receives the attention it deserves. Let’s take a look at how it’s done.


Because bristles can become filthy and frequent use can clog the surface, you should first comb through the brushes and remove any debris. You’ll be surprised at how many foreign objects you can find in the bristles.

However, if you are not paying close attention, you may miss some dirt that has become embedded between the surfaces.


The joints are frequently overlooked, but they must be cared for as well. Because the joints can become dry over time, they must be well lubricated to be comfortable and smooth to operate.

You can look in the manual to see if you can do it yourself, but you’ll probably need an expert service mechanic to do it for you.


There are various ways to make the most of the battery. 

There is an easy option by which you can swap your conventional battery to a gel battery as it can boost battery levels, but it will cost you money if you have the budget, and the pocket should go ahead with this.

Instead, you can install a status meter that can tell you to charge levels to know how much power is remaining and avoid any wastage during the cleaning process.

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Both The Solution And The Recovery Time Should Be Drained.

There are two separate tanks, one for cleaning and the other for collecting the dirty solution, and we must empty both after each use.

If chemicals are left in solution tanks for an extended period, they will invariably become inactive. It is pointless to keep any solution in the tank for an extended period.

Any leftover liquid can cause a foul odor that can linger in the tank even after being cleaned, and bacteria thrive in such environments.


With these steps, you can prolong the machine’s life and get better value for your money; and with high ROI, you can invest more in your business.

To use any of the tips given below, please let us know in the comments.

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