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Fashion in the Western World



Fashion in the Western World

In this fast-moving world, everyone contains an inner fascination to look good and perceive the feeling of acceptance in his social circle. From the word fashion, an immediate light of colors and designs full of glamour comes into mind. A significant role is played by fashion in the life of an individual whether men or a woman to show him the existence in the world.


The concept of fashion came from the western part of the world. It came into existence when people began using cloth from animal skin, plants, and animal bones to cover up their bodies. Before, 19th century the concept of hate couture and ready-made clothes didn’t exist. Later fashion designs came into being to develop a different style of vloneclothing, shoes, and other accessories. The individual fashion designers who used to run big fashion firms, along with the collaboration of Charles Frederick Worth in 1858, started working on fashion designs and introduced the label “sewn” onto his garments.

Just like the English language that creates its way became a language that is generally spoken and accepted all over the world, western fashion also creates a way to become an important part of the life of every person. You can also check for more information on the history of fashion

Influence of Western Fashion:

Today, the young generation is much inspired by the fashion of western countries. Not only their style has changed but it is also reflected in their thinking. Most of the fashion in eastern countries has been adopted by the western part of the world.

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Boys usually like to wear denim, jeans, T-shirts, shirts, trousers, etc. Western dresses provide a feeling of comfort and trendy as well. On the other hand, western wear is more universal than traditional culture.

The emerging trend of western fashion in other parts of the world can have beneficial consequences in the following ways.

  • These modern formal dresses provide people comfort and more satisfaction as compared. It is unavoidable to say that jeans with vlonet shirts provide more satisfaction as compared with traditional clothes.
  • People choose to wear suits and jeans during work or studies because it provides ease and relief to conduct different activities. For example: if an American employee dresses up in a kimono while running his business, he may find it difficult to work in kimono
  • because of its large size, and eventually, it will affect his efficiency to work.
  • The next reason is that these clothes save both money and time in a way that choosing these clothes during shopping doesn’t take much time for selection because of its flexibility.
  • Another advantage is that these clothes save money for consumers because they have durability characteristics and can be worn for several years.
  • These trendy clothes also help in reducing social and cultural gaps like poor and rich class.

The reason behind the popularity of western fashion:

  1. Status: western fashion has become a symbol of status in many societies. In multiple societies, it is considered that wearing western clothes reflects a sign of high status, wealth, high education, and financial some regions wearing western clothes increases the likelihood of success in society.
  2. Modern: Secondly, as compared to different cultures, western clothes are considered to be more unique. The reason behind this is that it is a new culture than other traditional cultures. Western clothes are seen as trendy and stylish; therefore, they are used to be wear for business purposes and casual as well. In many communities, people adopt western attire on a routine basis while traditional ones are for momentous events.
  3. Practical: western dresses gain popularity in the young generation because it is easy to perform several tasks from home to farm activities as compared to working in saree or Anarkali or scarf and dupatta.
  4. Popularity: western vlone clothing earns popularity in few years because of rising of globalization. As western literature, arts, and music gain popularity in the world, western culture also establishes its niches. Media plays a tremendous role in the promotion of western clothing and developed the idea of modernity among people.
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Just like the English language that creates its way became a language that is generally spoken and accepted all over the world, western fashion also creates a way to become an important part of the life of every person.

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