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Top Five Features of Employee Scheduling Software



Employee Scheduling Software

One of the best tools for businesses is employee scheduling software. You can use this software to automate processes such as schedule creation, and it is easy to manage. It will increase the efficiency of your business and take less time than completing these tasks by hand, as it improves productivity. The goal is to speed up administrative tasks that take a lot of time—the software allows you to easily create, change, and update schedules. Take a look at the top five features of employee scheduling software.


  1. Visual Calendars

One feature to look for in employee scheduling software is visual calendars. They clearly show the schedule, including the times and days that everyone is assigned shifts. It is easy to understand the schedule on this type of calendar, and it leaves little room for error when people are checking their shifts. You can include additional information, such as tasks required during certain shifts, and some can even be colour-coded.

  1. Shift Shuffling

When you create schedules manually, you have to start over each week. This is repetitive if you have employees working a lot of the same shifts. You can use employee scheduling software like Prospr with shift shuffling, and you will be able to drag and drop shifts from week to week. You can copy the schedule and then make the changes you need to make. This is also beneficial when you have employees who want to change shifts, as you can simply drag and drop the shifts to their new dates and times. Shift swapping is a great feature to look for.

  1. Requests Built In

It can be challenging to keep track of employee requests. You might have emails, text messages, or scraps of paper with requests on them. You have to locate all of these requests when you make the schedule, and if you forget any of them, you will have to redo the schedule. With employee scheduling software, you can find options for built-in schedule requests and approvals. Your employees can send in requests that will be there when you make the schedule. You can also approve or deny requests in the software which prevents any miscommunication. This not only makes your job easier, but it also makes your employees happier because they feel as though they have some control over their schedules.

  1. Import and Export Data

When you use software for scheduling, it is beneficial if you have options to import or export data. This helps you keep data in different files; for example, you can transfer employee data concerning the shifts they work to their employee files so that you know when they worked. You can keep track of their time and attendance and keep records of monthly attendance, making your payroll much easier. You should also look for software that integrates with other systems, including third-party software. This way, it can share data with the other systems and make it easy for you to generate the reports you need.

  1. Messaging Tools

Communication is important when you are responsible for creating employee schedules. Managers and employees can communicate if there are schedule changes at the last minute, and managers can message employees. Through direct communication, employees and managers can resolve any issues they have. It also offers employee group chats, so they can communicate with each other if they need to have a shift covered. Managers can also send messages out to the entire group. Some apps offer notifications, and employees will receive any communication right away. You can send out polls and surveys to get feedback from your employees on different topics related to scheduling.

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