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What You Need to Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo



Getting Your First Tattoo

Tattoos are gaining popularity in the modern world. Getting your first tattoo can be intimidating and also thrilling. You need to be careful and to know what exactly you are signing up for. Your first tattoo is a big deal, and you do not want it to be something you end up regretting. It is crucial to understand what is required, from choosing an artist, the tattoo design and care of your tattoo.


Pick a design

Getting a tattoo is a permanent decision, which should not be taken lightly. As such, it’s of utmost significance that you choose the right tattoo design, style, and artist especially if it is your first tattoo. Ensure you are okay with the one you settle for before putting a permanent mark on your body, else you have to live with the consequences. To avoid a lot of confusion, you can borrow your artist’s portfolio to give you ideas for some designs. There are artists with online social media accounts like Instagram where they post some of their best tattoo designs.

Getting an artist

There are thousands of tattoo shops and artists today, making it hard to choose your first tattoo artist and tattoo. Your first tattoo is crucial, so pick an artist who is professional and experienced to deliver the results as you anticipate and to avoid getting frustrated. Getting a tattoo shouldn’t be a spontaneous decision, and neither should your choice of the artist. Artists are different, so find one specializing in the design you want, and ensure they are credible and trustworthy.

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It’s crucial to do some homework on the most reputable tattoo artists and shops to ensure you get the best services. Remember that this is a permanent decision, so if you decide on getting a tattoo in another language, clarify the meaning from a native speaker first. Getting a tattoo isn’t cheap, and if you want something impeccable, then be prepared to pay. You can visit the shop beforehand to ascertain their credibility or go online to check the artist’s yelp reviews before deciding who and where to go.

The Cost of Getting a Tattoo

Ideally, a good tattoo is expensive, and a cheap tattoo is not good, so have that in mind when getting your first tattoo. Several factors influence the cost of getting a tattoo, such as tattoo size, style, placement, color, skin type, and the artist you choose. If you want to get a small tattoo, most shops have a ready quote upfront. If you decide on a big one, you may be charged hourly, depending on the artist.

Tattoo Placement and Aftercare

Choosing the best placement for your tattoo is as important as the artist and style. A tattoo is a permanent mark on your body, so its placement is a big deal. Before settling on where you want your tattoo, talk it over with your artist to open your mind to anything you might not have considered like tattoo visibility. Remember that different tattoo placements heal differently, depending on the stress applied to the tattooed area.

Tattoos are open wounds, so they need to be cared for to avoid getting infections. Your artist will guide you on how best to care for your tattoo at home to ensure quick healing and avoid infections. You must observe utter hygiene during the recovery process by keeping the tattoo dry and clean during the first few days and avoiding any strenuous activity on the tattooed part.

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Naturally, you will have several questions before getting your first tattoo, like where and how you want it, and who the best artist for the job is. There is more involved when getting permanently inked than deciding on the design. You have to learn tattoo aftercare, among other things, so take time to think carefully before going in for your first permanent ink.

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