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Guide To CBD Payment Processor



CBD Payment Processor

Nowadays, Cannabis products are used widely by people. People suffer from stress, depression, and other diseases like hypertension and use harmful medicines that may harm them. But CBD is a natural solution for people who use medically dangerous medication. But if you use CBD products with care, you are safe from diseases and the intensive effect of drugs.

From 1997, Highrisk Pay, with rapid expansion, becomes one of the most well-known industry firms for online payments. It was the need of time to make CBD payment processors for the ease of people because, due to the beneficial effect of cannabis CBD, the sale of CBD products increased rapidly. It makes the transaction legal and stored in the database of company. It helps the company to keep an eye on its users and take care of their benefits through feedback. We will examine what CBD is and its benefits to the users.


What is CBD Payment Processor?

It is better to pay from a CBD payment processor whenever you buy a CBD product, But before purchasing and paying from the CBD processor, you have to understand the basics of a CBD payment processor. It makes it convenient to pay for the product you buy. CBD payments include the following steps for the payment process;


The first thing to understand about any payment method is to understand what is the process. The fraudulent payment process flops several previous payment processes. A strong payment processor causes ease for customers and increases their trust. But


Gateway of a payment method authorizes credit card payments and direct payment processing. Gateway is a merchant-side service provided by eCommerce applications. You need to find a trusted gateway to sell CBD products. The gateway should handle all the High-risk payments. If the gateway of the payment process is not trusted, it can cause an accidental removal. An authorized gateway charges you more but stops you from unintentional removal.


There are many banks worldwide that stop the payment for CBD products because they think that it is illegal. In a law approved that doesn’t legalize all CBD products because they feel the products themselves are high risks. So you must be careful while selecting the bank to receive payments if you are a CB seller, and you should sell only legalized CBD products.

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CBD Payment is a company well-known for providing services to CBD sellers. The company ensures the satisfaction of its clients, and it mainly focuses on providing services and assistance to high-risk industries.

Many payment providers don’t like to work with CBD sellers or high-risk product companies because of the potential risk of lowering their value in the industry. Competition in the CBD industry is very high even though provides satisfactory services to their customers to reach the maximum traffic for their CBD products.

The company offers payment through various methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and ACH. The company is responsible for handling massive transactions and providing customers with better and faster services. It allows the user to start their business from any country, and you can use the currency of their current country. The company allows to use of the following payment services;

  • Paypal
  • Square
  • Inovio
  • PinWheel Pay
  • Merco Payments
  • Master Card
  • PayKings
  • Easy Pay Direct
  • Visa Card
  • American Express allows you to sell CBD products on different platforms and some of which are given below;

  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • Opencart
  • Magneto
  • 3dcart

CBD Merchant Account Highriskpay

A credit card known as a CBD merchant account is made to deal with high-risk pay like CBD products. It would be best if you approved the CBD merchant first.

An approved CBD merchant account allows you to receive payments through credit cards authorized by your service provider. If you sell CBD goods, opening a merchant account is challenging. Still, financial institutions (like Bankcard) are open to working with enterprises with a track record of success and profitability. Your CBD merchant account includes the following features;

  • Multi-bank Processing
  • Fast merchant settlement
  • In less than a week, the merchant can start processing.
  • Secure gateway for payment
  • No backup is needed
  • Chargeback alert and disputes
  • Secure form fraudulent activities
  • Less competitive in the industry

You have to fulfill the following requirements to get an approved CBD merchant account;

  • Valid Identity Card, i.e., Driver’s License by Government
  • Bank statements of the recent three months
  • Three month’s recent payments processing
  • An Empty Check
  • EIN (Employer Identity Number) or SSN (Social Security Number)
  • A chargeback of 2 percent
  • A secure, working website or a website under development
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Benefits of using CBD Payment Processor

Every company provides several benefits to its customers to increase its trust and maintain its fame. offers the following benefits to its customers;

Highrisk Availability

Highrisk is available to deal with your small and massive transactions without any loss. The company’s availability for your transactions allows you to focus on more clients to expand your business. They provide a 100 percent money-back guarantee and do not include you in the transaction process.

Easy Integration

Switching the business from e-Commerce to a personal brand or from a personal brand to e-Commerce is difficult. It takes time and a lot of checks and balances. The companies which offer these services have a greater chance of development. And here comes the best part of because it assists its users in converting their business to e-Commerce without effort. The company usually does all the work for the process in the shortest time and continues your business.

POS Availability

Point of sale availability saves your time to indulge in administrative activities and in-office work. With the availability of POS, CBD payment processors help you work in both online and offline moods. You can manage your transactions in both moods of work.

POS software accurate report helps you increase customer trust, store profit, and business techniques and provides easy access to the sales portal. It assists you in controlling to stock of input and output of your product from a single location. These types of software ease your business and make you sell better creatively.

Low Fees

If you are into the CBD business and finding a CBD payment processor, don’t go for the companies that charge a high amount for the approval of the account. Many well-known and established companies provide better service at low fees and high customer care support. The following are the fees to keep in mind while selecting a CBD processor;

  • Compliance Fees
  • Non-Compliance Fees
  • Statement Fees
  • Terminal Fees
  • Monthly / Annual Fees

But Highriskpay provides you with better assistance than all other expensive payment processors. It focuses on satisfying its clients and keeping its prices competitive from the market.

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Reasonable Contracts

Every company provides you with different business contracts and fees. Make sure the CBD payment processor matches the requirements of your contracts. Business and finance experts advise you to avoid long-term contracts because if the company has issues with authorities, you may lose all your money. Highriskpay offers easy business contracts to customers that help them grow their business globally with full support and loyalty.

Discover more Business opportunities

The Highriskpay Company allows you to sell products that you can’t sell from a low-risk CBD account. Investment in the Highriskpay business can provide you with long-term benefits.

Global Presence

International transactions are not the game of lowriskpay accounts. You must have an approved Highriskpay CBD merchant account to get an enhanced global audience. Using different currencies, you can access international countries to sell CBD products through this account.

Increase Payment Flexibility

Highriskpay offers to use different methods described above, whereas lowriskpay provides you with only a credit card. Moreover, Highriskpay assists you in massive transactions, promotions sales, and allows currencies of other countries.

Improved Chargeback Protection

A lowriskpay account may set the chargeback threshold on account suspension, but Highriskpay gives you flexibility in this matter. It allows users to avoid costly service interruptions to prevent the chargeback penalty.

Customer Support

Customer support from a company eases your business. It would be best if you kept in mind the worst situations while selling CBD products online.

While selecting a CBD payment processor, you must go through all their policies and ask any member how they deal with fraudulent activities and disputes the buyer raises. Suppose a recently submitted order customer wants 200 Dollars chargeback, and you want no effect on your business. Then this is the responsibility of the CBD payment processor to deal with the customer according to their method, and there shouldn’t be any dispute.

CBD industry sellers should always be ready to face the difficulties from the customer’s end. But if you use the Highriskpay CBD payment processor, half of the work burden is lowered because of their customer support. If you or your business is having problems with any transaction, whether online or offline, offers rapid assistance to you and your business.

The Final Word

First, be careful while selecting the payment processor for your CBD business. Go for the Highriskpay CBD payment processor rather than lowriskpay because a high-risk pay company offers more services. Moreover, your business goals depend on your payment processor if you sell CBD products online.

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